1. Early Menopause Discussion Boards

    1. Information and Announcements is a site specifically designed to help women who are dealing with early menopause and premature ovarian failure, though we do our best to extend support to all women seeking help.

      Here are the "rules of the road" for the message boards, as well as announcements regarding the site itself. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST FOR THE FIRST TIME to get a clear idea of what is all about.

      Please note that ALL forums on this board are open to posts from WOMEN ONLY, due to the often sensitive topics discussed.

    2. General EM/POF Discussions

      The place for general conversation about early menopause (EM) -- FULL meno BEFORE AGE 45, premature ovarian failure (POF) -- post-meno hormone levels and skipped periods BEFORE AGE 40, surgical menopause, etc. If you've been diagnosed before the age of 45, you can share concerns, questions and experiences here with others like you! Since we have other forums please keep posts here specific to EM or POF.

      Note: because of the extremely high volume of posts to the message board, posts to all forums including this one are deleted after a certain time.

    3. Infertility Support

      Infertility is one of the most painful aspects of coping with EM or POF. You might be thinking about (or currently pursuing) DE/IVF, hoping for spontaneous pregnancy, or simply trying to adjust... In all cases, this forum is designed for us to share our concerns, experiences, questions and support about infertility and infertility treatments -- as well as dealing with the emotional side of things.

    4. Primary POF/Younger POFers

      A special place for "primary" women (those who never had periods and have been diagnosed with primary amenorrhea or POF) and for those of us who are dealing with this in our teens or 20s. As always, you're welcome (no, encouraged!!) to post on the other boards, but this is your specific forum to chat with other women who are in the exact same situation.

    5. Alternative Remedies

      For those of us who are exploring natural supplements and remedies (everything from herbs to vitamins to acupuncture) for our symptoms -- in place of or in addition to HRT. While you're of course encouraged to post on the General Discussions board, this is a special place to share notes, comments and suggestions with others who are using (or thinking of using) natural remedies.

    6. Pregnancy/Children/Parenting

      A special spot for those of us who are pregnant, are hoping for pregnancy, or who already have children. So..all of you "meno mamas" or mama-wanna-bes (!)here's a haven for you to talk about the unique issues you face in terms of achieving pregnancy, being pregnant or being a mom with EM or POF.

    7. Adoption

      If you're thinking of building their family through adoption, have ALREADY done so, or are in the process, this is the place to talk with others about adoption and share advice, stories and support!

    8. Just Chatting

      Here's the place for non-meno stuff -- from the lighthearted to the more serious. It's the spot to chat about anything and everything NOT related to our hormones (Yes, there IS a life out there beyond our hormones...right?!? Isn't there?!?! PLEASE say yes!)

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