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  1. 12 days post transfer

    I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear your news, too. Take care of yourself... Love, Betti
  2. Didn't work

    I'm so sorry - this is such a difficult process to go through and often so lonely. We are here and we know what it is like to cry over a keyboard and be in that place. I was diagnosed at 28 and am 36 (yikes!) now. I felt like the pain just started yesterday, too, after my BFN. With this stuff you grieve and grieve it seems. Take care of yourself!
  3. Lupron questions

    My RE doesn't have me do the lupron at all - since my ovaries are nonfunctioning as it is, I asked if it was necessary and he said it was ok not to take it. Didn't seen to effect anything - although I got a negative, but don't think that was why. Just throwing that out there...
  4. Lining check tomorrow

    good luck! Fingers crossed!
  5. Retrieval report

    Kelly - I'm so sorry. Not getting a chance to even try must be very difficult. Take a very long pity party and be good to yourself, and let us know how you are. Love, Betti
  6. Positive beta

    Oh, Stella - I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your husband - you've been in my thoughts these past few days. Take care of yourself - Love, Betti
  7. Good news

    Scout - that is fantastic news! I'm sorry you are having the cramping and spotting - I don't know anything about that sort of situation, but it seems pretty common from what I read on boards. Yay! Betti
  8. Positive beta

    Stella - I so glad for your positive, but so sorry you are going through this uncertainty. I hope and pray that Monday brings you good news and until then, you know we are pulling for you and your husband. Love, Betti
  9. Roller coaster ride....

    Hi, Kelly - Just want to send some support to you. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough go of it. I totally know what you mean about wanting to get angry at SOMETHING - but there is nothing to be angry at. Take good care of yourself - Betti
  10. Scout

    Scout - I'm so sorry things are not going smoothly. Sending lots of support your way - know how brave you are to be doing this. Give your husband a big hug from all of us cyberladies, and a big one for yourself, too. Love, Betti
  11. Oh well, we tried...

    We got our final results today and it was what we pretty much thought - negative. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I am hoping and praying that those of you going through cycles now bring much happier news. Love, Betti
  12. Oh well, we tried...

    Thanks so much. It's amazing how you all know exactly what to say. Darn, I totally used just that brand of HPT. Tomorrow I have to go back to work, to my smallish office where most people have an idea of what I was doing out of town. And I found out my aunt, who I confided in, told my grandmother about this (I didn't want her to know!) and she tells everyone everything. So now I feel devastated AND exposed. Gosh, will I ever be a mom? It seems like such an empty life right now. I'm sure it gets better... Thanks again! Good luck to you, ladies. Betti
  13. Oh well, we tried...

    So, things are not looking so good. Long story, but I don't think both of the blasts made it into my uterus to begin with, and took a HPT this morning with a negative. Blood test on Tuesday, and I think I'm just going to do my best to hole up emotionally until then. Thanks for all the good wishes. Best of luck to everyone else, though. Love, Betti
  14. ET completed. Now just waiting.

    Thanks so much everyone! It feels fantastic to come to the computer and read words of support. Stella - Good luck! I'm sending you lots of sticky thoughts and prayers. You are so, so, SO right about the pap smear comparison! After six months of planning, I was like, "ok.... and?" I don't feel anything. Except, my bottom hurts where I am getting shots. I was in the room with my sister during the ER and THAT was something happening. She felt pretty bad all week but then she woke up on Monday and said she felt great. And she didn't like me fussing over her too much. Thanks everyone, again! Stella, take good care of yourself! Love, Betti
  15. Hey! We did our transfer yesterday. I feel pretty much the same, except worried that the RE didn't stick the whatsit in far enough and that the embies fell out. Oh, and I keep cramping a little, teeny bit. Like, my body wants to have a period really, really bad. And I'm tired. And I don't feel pg at ALL. I feel like I went to the doctor and nothing happened. The RE was really, really nice though, and said a prayer with us, and wished us luck. I mean, what else can you do? My sis is still having some discomfort from ER, so I'm a little concerned about her. But, it is super nice to not have to go to work for a few days and to be out of town. Hope everyone else is coming along ok?