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  1. flax oil

    Yup! that is fine -- it comes in capsules too. Ground flaxseed is great as well, especially fresh. Enjoy!
  2. you gotta send this somewhere Kathy!!! I still remember the "Silver bells" and the HRT version of Jingle bells.. "Hot flashing through the snow...."
  3. Self-improvement??

    I would like to do some things - breast lift is first on the list! But it is only a dream, I would not seriously have surgery unless my life depended on it. I do like the idea of facial laser treatments (I have a lot of scaring) and hair removal... but money is prohibitive. So really, I am not against the IDEA but wouldn't actually do it. My friend has "permanent makeup" and the eyeliner looks ok but her lipliner looks weird.
  4. Favorite Smell?

    For me it's citrus, cedar, frech baked bread and home grown roses.
  5. I have a few, but they are not promises of a perfect trip. Things can be difficult (on mom AND child) without being a source of permanent psychological damage. Seriously, you can both cry and miss each other without feeling abandoned. 1) Record your voice reading a story or something - a recording she can listen to anytime she likes, no waiting for computer camera phone. Leave her a picture she can hold and wrinkle and take to sleep with her. 2) Use some visual examples to compare how long Daddy was gone (THIS much - arms held way apart) to how long you will be gone (THIS much - fingers a couple of inches apart.) Remind her Daddy did come back, but avoid comparisons to Grandma. 3) Maybe tell her Angel Grandma is watching over her and will always be near her. You are not a goober. 4) Provide one new gift per day from mom to be opened at bedtime or waking time, or picking up from preschool time, or all of the above if you think she will need it. Make them small - one marker at a time from a set, stickers, pieces of a puzzle. Along the same lines, have her draw a picture of you (or you draw one of her) and put a heart or happy face sticker on it at each of those times. You could also trace each other's hand outlines - so you can "hold hands" while you are away. 5) Project a compassionate but confident stance about the trip. Otherwise she will feel your anxiety and feel worse. You don't have to be perfect, but do your best to be calm and reassuring. You are doing something reasonable and very good for your family. I am not saying you won't feel terrible about leaving her, I am saying you can get comfort and confidence that you are doing an OK thing. Take care of your own heart too. (Asking for help here is a great idea!!) 6) Let husband do the job. My experience is they do better when we are not around - something kicks in that I don't understand. They become adults or something? :8 As control freaky as we are (speaking of you and me) a few days eating chips won't kill the kid. That being said, let him know the most important things: For us it is the children's medicine, bedtime routines, car safety and avoiding most TV because they get frightened. So maybe chips will kill YOUR kid. But try not to micromanage or he will just turn you off. Be exited for the fresh ways of dealing with child he may discover while you are gone.
  6. Danger In Taking Vitamin E?

    Thanks ladies - I do take 8--IU... I started at 400 years ago but have more now. So Cin, why would they have you take asprin, but stop E? They want your blood to thin a little, right? The research and support boards for my current problem have taught me that "blood thinners" have an unclear relationship. (Just like exercising, the evidence is unclear...sigh.) So I am avoiding NSAIDS (they bother my tummy anyway) but remain on the VotE. I get to see a neurosurgeon next week and actually ask him what he thinks. I imagine if I have surgery I will have to stop taking it, but for now I don't need any return symptoms!
  7. Hi, I have taken Vitamin E for years now to help with menopause symptoms. It has been suggested I shouldn't take it now because it is a blood thinner?? Totally unrelated to menopause, I have a "low flow vascular lesion" in my brain. It leaks blood into surrounding tissues, while risk of full blown stroke is rather low. I would appreciate hearing what anyone knows about this Vit E thing. I really don't need menopause symptoms right now, but don't want a stroke either!
  8. Update - We Have Been Turned Down

    GAK and ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) Whatever the real reason they didn't choose you, they are truly missing out on a great set of parents. xoxo D/n
  9. Post Partum Depression

    Hi Dora! I am glad you are getting help, and taking care of yourself - post pardom can be so serious, and having meno symtoms while trying to parent is a big challenge. (The reason we created this part of the board actually.) Frankly, I worry about you EM/POF mothers more, because you seem to feel greater pressure to be happy and thankful and never have bad days. Please know those days come to everyone, and remember you are an incredibly wonderful person no matter what. My words seem kind of weak here, just know we are here! D/n
  10. I Think I'm Back...

    Hi back!! from your goofy normon sis
  11. Hi Anne! It sounds like your doctor is at least thinking about hormone replacement, rather than handing it out automatically (many doctors do.) It is true that you may need hormone replacement to prevent bone loss, especially if you ARE small build, another risk factor. The idea is your body would normally be making hormones at this time in your life, so replacing them would not automatically be a cancer risk. There is a lot of information about the studies done on hormone replacement and how they rarely apply to younger women. We have a lot right here on the site! All that being said, anything you put into your body should be your choice. I would ask the same doctors for a bone density test. This will help you make your decision. And no one says you should ONLY do hormone replacement, or choose once and never change your mind. This can be a process, and we will be here for you as much as we can. Is there a time you would like to meet for a chat? We have a nice room but no scheduled chats at the moment. I am in the western US and would love to talk "live" sometime!
  12. I have a friend who is a pharmacist, he is also a certified naturalpath, and the pharmacy does compounding. They create their own formulas now and then, one of the most popular is one for fussy babies. Anyway, I mentioned to him that I use pepermint and orange essenisal oils in a mixture to relieve hot flashes, and so we are working on a formula to compound and MARKET! It will certainly reach the "normal age" menopause crowd, but the whole idea is kinda cool. I told him I wanted to name it "NARIU's" tee hee
  13. Hello again! Well I was going to suggest the very things you doc already has you taking -- an Rx that is not hormones, calcium, and E! You might want to look at the types of calcium and E, and see if you are taking a "good kind" compared to others. But in the end, these suppliments just take time to work. If I quit my Vit E I notice in about 3 weeks, my calcium I notice in three MONTHS. I really like to take extra vitamin C, and I am a huge fan of juices (carrot-orange, vegi cocktails, pomegranate, cranberry...) If they sound good to you, maybe they would help too? And I DO indulge, usually in small bits of dark chocolate. Finally, your exercise sounds like A LOT to me!! I am impressed! I have started some work in the pool due to other health problems, and the water is wonderful. Do you get to use the hot tub afterwards? Talk to you soon! NARIU
  14. Hi Snoop/Cary! It IS common for those in your situation to be denied the use of HRT, that is one reason we have this forum! Glad to have you -- so honored to know a survivor like yourself! There are remedies you can try, a host of them in fact, BUT you need to ask your oncologist for a few details. Sometime a cancer survivors must avoid only blatant hormone therapy, sometimes they must also avoid ANY substances that act as estrogen. Many "natural remedies are "estrogenic," but some are not. Can you quiz your doc about this? After you know, we can discuss your options! One thing I know helps me and I doubt the doc would be against is... gentle exercise. I pefer yoga, and swimming. Are you feeling well enough to try either? Do you have a different favorite? I personally would enjoy hearing more about your journey and how you feel now. I love your kind of story! Denise/NARIU
  15. Natural remedies

    Hello there... and welcome! I am glad you have found some good support already. Sorry I am rather late in responding. (I actually don't come here often anymore...) I wanted to let you know the remedies you are taking COULD affect your tests when you see the doc, so please let them know everything you are taking. I am not saying they are bad to take (quite the contrary) but they might make some of your tests come back as OK when you really are not. Besides, this is a good way to test the doc's attitude towards natural remedies, you probably don't want a doc who completely disregards them. Are you fully aware that a tubal can cause early menopause?? It seems you are. Something about cutting circulation to the ovaries, or simply messing around in the gut -- our bodies are very sensitive. Most docs would dismiss the idea but we have seen a number of ladies here with your story. I personally had a hyst, kept my ovaries but they promptly shut down. The gyn refused to believe it, and I have not seen him since. (I have also taken antiDs for decades, so gyn was sure I was depressed. I told him, "I know depression and this ISN'T it." As severe as your symtoms are, please do consider pharmacutial options as well as natural ones. Again, I don't want to make it seem I hate natural remedies (I take both "in concert") but whenever I hear someone mention thoughts of suicide I remember how it felt. It is awful, isn't it?! I have often told people that with my menopause if all I had was hot flashes I would use a towel -- but the hormone swings literally put my life in danger so I am not (well, no longer) afraid of using HRT. If my body needs that chemical replaced to function and live, then I am OK with that. Wow, I have talked too much and maybe come on too strong... please forgive me if I have. I will trust and support whatEVER decisons you make, please know I just care. Keep in touch! Denise/nariu