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  1. A funny .....

    LOL, good one!!!
  2. The Devil's Advocate Movie - Keanu Reeves

    Hi E, I have not seen this movie. It is a bit disconcerting to hear POF mentioned out of context for me, as well. The happy part is being mentioned at all! Like most of us, when I was in limbo "You are too young for menopause" prior to being diagnosed, 10 years ago (10 YEARS ago???!!! sheesh!), I would have loved to have POF, Early Meno mentioned somewhere, right?! Take Care, Chris
  3. Aboriginal Dance... with a difference!

    OPAH!!! What a surprise, indeed! Good on ya, Rita
  4. Prometrium Experiences?

    Hi Red, My doctor (Dr. Joyce Kakkis-author of "The Estrogen Evangelist") gave me what turned out to be very good advice-fix the estrogen levels FIRST, then add Prometrium. Look for her book-I firmly believe that her book and Kathy's saved me from years of misery. Chris
  5. Weight loss

    ...that must be the case. I will begin speaking only in a foreign tongue from now on Chris (Did someone say fries???!!! Extra crispy for me, please)
  6. It's a girl!

    SO cool! Congrats on your new addition Chris
  7. Happy New Year!

    We watched a movie, ate yummy appetizers, drank yummy wine...and were fast asleep by 11 PM!!! Party animals we are NOT, lol Happy New Year to everyone!!! Chris
  8. Gift For You ;)

    Okay, this is a lot of work, but I promise it is worth it! You may have to paste the link in your browser. Go to: Click the "Passez au salon" button in the middle, then click "English" on the far bottom left, then "Step into living room". You can click on any product and watch what happens, but my personal favorite is the product on the far left (the chef series) ...enjoy! Chris
  9. Just To Say Hi....

    Hey Patty-Cake! Yes, I remember those Monday Chats much fun! I remember YOU, too So glad to hear that your tests came back so positively. That is great news. Things sure have changed over the last few years...I remember posting just after the attacks on 9/11 So many is amazing how time has flown. Good to see you here. Chris
  10. Any Yoga Lovers Out There?

    I think Iyengar yoga is good for getting in shape, right Nellie? If I have my yoga down correctly, that is! I used to subscribe to Yoga magazine-even though I was not practicing. It was akin to reading a cookbook and not trying any of the recipes-I still found it oddly satisfying! Chris
  11. Rachel And Ross Anonymous?!

    I cannot stop watching Seinfeld reruns-every night at 10 p.m. our local channel runs two episodes-they put me right to sleep! I don't mean that in a bad way-they make me sleepy and relaxed. I loved Friends when it was on (I, too know Marcel the monkey, the Thanksgiving turkey-phobic Chandler, and the words to "Smelly Cat"). Hope your day is a bit brighter tomorrow, B Chris
  12. Happy Thanksgiving

    Well, Thanksgiving is a celebration of how the Indians in America helped the early settlers survive after they came across the ocean from England and settled in Jamestown, Mass. Their first year was harsh-many of the pilgrims (our history books tell us that these people left England so they could worship as they pleased) starved to death or died from the cold. Native indians felt sorry for these clueless newcomers and provided local fare such as turkey, corn, potatoes, cranberries.This feast was said to occur on the third Thursday of November. Modern Thanksgiving goes like this: you invite all of your relatives (including that drunken uncle who always manages to embarrass everyone) over to eat WAY too much food, then you watch football in a stupor until you finally fall asleep, only to wake and eat leftovers right from the container with a giant spoon at midnight. I hope that does not sound too cynical-I do love Thanksgiving (even though I am a vegetarian, lol). It is an an occasion to announce what you are Thankful For this year. THEN...the day after Thanksgiving kicks off the gift-buying frenzy that is Christmas (the day after Thanksgiving is also called Black Friday because shopkeepers are making a profit and are using black ink rather to record finances rather than red ink which signifies a loss of profits...) Chris
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    GREAT topic, Laura! I am thankful that: A kiss from my dh can still make my head spin I have a job I love My family is healthy I live in a country I love I have all of you on this site to lift me when I need it Chris
  14. Taser Incident

    Hi Dora, This has not made it to my neck of the woods-or I have not kept up with the news? But the whole Taser thing makes me nervous-so much license in the hands of people under so much pressure...scary. Chris
  15. Favorite Smell?

    Coffee! How could I forget the lovely smell of roasting coffee?! And Puck, I share your love of the smell of someone you love! Quinny, winter is a good one-the clean crisp smell of snow is wonderful. Fall leaves (remember jumping into a pike of leaves?) is so wonderful... Keep 'em coming, Ladies! Chris