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  1. My Halloween Tinkerbell

    Hi Em~ Kathryn just speaks for the boys...we'll be washing hands and she'll say, "A.J. wants the orange soap". I tell her that AJ can speak for himself, but she likes to talk for him. Then she'll say to David, "Daddy, I have to tell you something" and wave her little finger. Divalicious, indeed! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Lori
  2. Love the costume...you guys are so creative! Lori
  3. My Halloween Tinkerbell

    Hi Em~ LOVE your Tinkerbelle...Lily is so cute:) Is she sassy like Kathryn?? Lori
  4. Halloween Pix

    Hi Em~ It's not easy handling them, but they are pretty good kids...they also go to preschool 3 days a week and will be going full-time in March. They really like it and it exhausts them which is a bonus for us when we pick them up:) Lori
  5. Halloween Pix

    They had a great time...good thing they didn't get that much candy:)
  6. Update On Thomas

    Hi Stella~ Thomas is so cute!! He looks like such a happy baby too! You look fabulous too:) Hanch
  7. Hi~ I thought I would share the most recent pix of my trio. They will be 3 in March. They are at a very funny stage. Please share your photos too. Hugs, Hanch Here's the link: www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=8ynb41r.6orf5sxf&x=0&y=-qnc67t
  8. Happy Birthday Emilie!

    Hi Em~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I don't get much of a chance to log in that often, but I picked a good time since it's your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful one:) xoxo Lori
  9. POF@18...diagnosed as "premature ovarian failure", but without much explanation. I was 32 when I first heard the term "POF". We tried 2 DE cycles, 1 fresh, 1 frozen with no success. Will be trying DE again in the summer. Hanch