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  1. Roll call please~Now Younger POF'ers!

    Here goes.... I started liek any normal girl. I was 11 yrs old when i started my periods and 14 when they stopped. I mean for 3 yrs they were normal, clockwork, and never irregular. Then BOOM.....they stopped as soon as they begun. I went through 3 months of testing b/c the doc thought i had a brain tumor and many other things, but all came back fine except for the fsh levels and that sort of thing. So, here i am, a 14 yr old girl being told YOU WILL NEVER HAVE CHILDREN. I mean really, that's what little girls dream of right?! Needless to say i was unhappy. I do have an identical twin who has 2 kids and one on the way. I am thankful for that b/c she will be my egg donor at the end of this year!! So, there it is girls!