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  1. So difficult to get over the $$$ of Infertility

    Yes, it is rediculus how expensive IF treatments are for just the chance! We went to the Czech Republic back in April since the care/treatment was comparable to the US and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. DH and I had a 10 day vacation and a fresh cycle (with six blasts on ice) and I am now 27wks pg tomorrow with b/g twins. All for $11K USD! I never dreamed we'd be able to do a cycle! Definitely look into going overseas since it is cost effective and they do have successes over there too! Hang in there.
  2. Positive beta

    Stella, I am so sorry. There aren't enough words. Please take care of yourself. Many hugs!!
  3. Donor Egg Cycle

    Welcome to the group! (pg ment below) I felt the same way you do. Lot of anxiety and so worried it wouldn't work. We had to wait four years for our DE cycle due to cost and the closer it got the tougher it was. I just tried to focus on the here and now and not focus on the what if's (it doesn't work). It was still nerve wracking. Now here we are done with the cycle in April and am almost 9wks pg with twins. And now I am overwhelmed with the new concept of being pg and with twins to boot. A new set of worries. Hang in there. Take one day at a time. ** hugs **
  4. Donor Egg Overseas?

    I cycled in the Czech Republic. The entire fresh DE cycle was $5,000 USD! Add in a vacation (airfare, hotel, etc) for DH and I the total cost was approx $11K. I am now 7w6d pg with twins with six blasts on ice. Just a heads up. The US dollar is doing terribly. 10,000 Euros is still over $15K USD. You really have to watch that. We looked into going to Cape Town, SA. But they changed their clinic donor pool rules and only local people get them so you need to go through Renew agency which adds $4-5K to the cost of the cycle. They also stim their donors very lightly so chances of enough embies to freeze is lower. Going overseas is a great option
  5. BFP for me girls!!

    Awwwwwwwwwww, girls!! Your support and excitement is wonderful! Thank you so much. I'm still in awe every day!
  6. BFP for me girls!!

    Thank you all! It is very surreal. I just hope it continues to go well! Hugs!
  7. BFP for me girls!!

    We transfered two, grade one five day blasts on April 8th. I got my BFP yesterday! My beta is strong and hopefully will be the start to a great pg. Our donor did a wonderful job! We have six blasts on ice! It has taken us years to get here, but we made it!!
  8. Approximately up to 8-10% of POF'ers get pg with a genetic child in their lifetime. Not the greatest stats. I kept hoping I'd be one of those people (charting, temping, etc) to end up pg! Seven years later and nope, never did happen. We're now in the middle of a donor egg cycle and I am so excited at my first real chance at a baby! Odds are, if you made it to 12 wks pg, you'd make it full-term. If your levels are too low (progesterone for example) then yes you could lose a pg. But the placenta takes over that around 10-12 wks on.
  9. We're going for it again

    Oh Stella!! I am so excited for you! I hope things work out great and you end up with another baby!! GL!
  10. Pregnancy Tests

    I agree with the pp. Pregnancy tests measure hCG which is a pregnancy hormone and not a hormone we take in HRT so HRT won't interfere with an pg test.
  11. These are great! Made me smile...
  12. Seeking Advice And Emotional Support

    Sorry you need to belong to this board. *hugs* There are many wonderful and supportive women here. It has been a god send for me while going through this journey that no one wants to go through. What you are going through is painful and is a grieving process (losing your fertility). Allow yourself to grieve and go through those emotions (anger, etc). I was 22 y/o when I had sudden and unexplainable premature ovarian failure. I am 29 now, and I still have down days but it is better. Especially since I've allowed my head and heart to move on to IVF with donor eggs. I just want to be a momma! Seeing everyone pg is hard for me too. My 18 y/o stepdaughter has a one yr old girl and is pg AGAIN. Very hard to see in addition to the rest of the planet that is pg at any given time. I too see a therapist who has been a lifesaver for me. She knows all about infertility as they couldn't get pg and ended up adopting four kids from birth (IVF was new and experimental at that time). Post whenever you need to. Lots of great advice here too! Many hugs! Jessica
  13. I just normally say "hopefully someday". I don't want to get into the stupid comments ("just relax or keep practicing"), bullsh*t. Sometimes I will say that we've been TTC for over three years but it depends on the situation and who I'm having the conversation. My DH and I finally got married this past May after being together for six years (he has four kids already). I can't tell you have many times I got that dang question! It's a common one to ask newlyweds I guess. Hang in there!
  14. Estrogen Replacement?

    Hello! I would be hesitant to be on Premarin since it's not a bio-identical estrogen (like Estrace is). Congrats on the O! If you did end up with a + pg test, I would get off the Premarin and on Estrace. GL!