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  1. Positive beta

    Just updating... went in for second HCG level this morning (6 days after first), and my hcg has dropped to 4.8. I'm stopping the hormones tonight. Sad. Stella
  2. Positive beta

    At 13 DPO, my hcg level was 24. I'm just praying that we have a late implanter in there, but of course I'm fearful this may mean we will miscarry. My experience with betas has been like this every stinkin time. I'm not a fan of beta issues. Next test in Monday. Stella
  3. Oh well, we tried...

    Ah darn... Betti, I'm just so stinkin sorry. I'm sorry for the loss of hope. I'm sorry for build up... and then the let down. It's not easy. Hoping you and DH get an idea of how you want to grow your family... whether another IVF cycle, adoption, whatever. It always feels better when another plan is in place. Love, Stella
  4. Oh well, we tried...

    Betti, I'm praying otherwise... but I know you feel every bit of the reality of a bfn right now. My heart hurts for you, and I'm just so sorry. First Response Early Detection would be the only test I would use THIS early. It can pick up 20 units of HCG while many other test pick it up at 50. And if Tuesday (your beta) is two weeks after retreival, you'd be right around the 50 mark (maybe) at this point HCG wise. Not saying that to get your hopes up, but it certainly is possible. Love, Stella
  5. help please - struggling a bit

    Oh honey, I wish I had answers for you. What I do know is that SI is very very very hard. Knowing the joy of a child has made me long for another in a very different way than when I was PI. SI hasn't been as desperately difficult for me as PI, but I feel as though I'm not simply letting down DH and I if we don't have another now... I'm also robbing our Thomas of a sibling. I also had a breakdown last weekend because my very fertile SIL had the first grand daughter (her 3rd child in 5 years). Seeing as how we are in the midst of a 2ww after a second round of DE, I had kinda hoped maybe we would be the first to have a girl. Not only that, but it totally ticks me off that having babies can be so easy for some, and they get exactly what they want when they want it... and then WE have to wait, pray, pour out gobs of money, and HOPE it works. sigh It isn't easy, but I will tell you how I make myself feel better. I think about all the stuff we can do as a family of three that larger families simply can't think of (unless they have a very large bank acct!). We can keep our sporty little car. We can continue living in our old Garden District 2 bedroom home. Europe is much more do-able as a famiily of 3. College tuition is much simpler. And with one child in the house, You ALWAYS know who "did it." Also, I like being a little different. Being the couple with 2.4 kids, living in the subs isn't bad! But man, it's kinda cool to be able to be a little abnormal. Sorry if this doesn't all apply... just wanted you to know you aren't alone. Stella
  6. ET completed. Now just waiting.

    Hey sweety.... we just did our ET today. So, we're buddies! My sis had a harder time with the retreival this time too... She told the doctor her symptoms the day after retreival, and he told her he thought she was constipated. Poor dear thought she had hyperstimmed, and he tells her she's constipated. Anyway, don't even THINK about feeling pg symptoms. I know I had none until a week or two after the beta when did this the first time. It is a little weird to go through something akin to a pap smear and imagine it has anything to do with conceiving a baby. There really should be like fireworks or something. Love, Stella
  7. I saw a heartbeat!

    Oh honey, all that perseverance has paid off!!! So happy to read this news! Love, Stella
  8. Betti, We'll be doing this together, my sweet. My sister and I will hopefully be doing retreival June 26, transfer aroudn July 1. (Same dates as last time---weird). I will tell you, from the time of my diagnosis to the time of our first transfer, it was about 13 years. I was married wanting children for about 7 of those years. I was super stressed, and oh tried avoiding any feeling... but my best advice is to admit this is a season of potential hope. Stress will be a part of it, but trying to deny ourselves hope sets us up no better for the bfn that may come... it just means we weren't hopeful when we could've been. I did find distraction helpful in our cycles, and have lined up a few weekend trips so I'm not able to fixate too much. What, me, obsess? totally. Stella
  9. Stress is turning me into a jerk!

    Oh sweet Betti... How I know what you're talking about. In a way, I wish my SIL was more like your beloved family member. Instead, her actions lead me to believe she hates being a mom, but keeps popping out babies, "Like a good Catholic should." (Her words, not mine). It is so very hard to be around her even now that I have a child. Oh, and you could NEVER be a jerk. Love, Stella
  10. CDC reports on ART success rates

    Hey! The reports take an incredible amount of time to compile and publish, so they generally appear to be about 3 years behind... And generally speaking, the newer reports come out around December/January. Hope this helps. Stella
  11. Finally!

    DO WE remember the cyst? Heck yah! That damn thing is STILL on my top 10 list of "worst things to happen in a cycle." I'm hoping this is it Sus... Praying hard! Love, Stella
  12. Dawn, additional progesterone can't hurt you or the babe. And considering that you are affected by ovarian funkiness , it would be a precaution worth taking. Definitely push the idea of progesterone support. Stella
  13. Oh wow... "Stunned" probably doesn't beging to describe the feeling, huh? Congrats, and keep us updated in the pg forum! Love, Stella
  14. BFP for me girls!!

    Oh Jessica! I must check in more often. I had no idea ya'll were cycling, and thi sis just superb news. Praying for you and this little one(s)!!! Love, Stella
  15. AAH!! FSH Drops to Less Than 1

    This is true. If you hope to get pg, being on the BCP isn't a good idea anyway. If you were diagnosed with early menopause, not peri/dor, an estradiol patch and cyclical prometrium would be a good idea. It won't prevent pg, but will help with symptoms. If you were diagnosed with peri or diminished ovarian reserve, bcps are the best option for symptom control. But, attempting to conceive may be more important to you than symptom control... Love, Stella