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  1. Hi! I was diagnosed last year at age 26, but I think I had problems that were hidden for a long time. I had a right oopherectomy when I was 17 because I had a large cystic tumor that basically crushed it. A few months after surgery, I started to have terrible hot flashes. The Dr. at the time told me it shouldn't be happening, since I had an ovary left, and suggested BCPs, which got rid of the symptoms. I stayed on them for nine years, during which time I think that was the only thing that kept my estrogen levels sane and me "normal." When I went off of them in 99, the hot flashes were right back, and for the next two years I had them off and on with sporadic bleeding. My OB/GYN tried to help me, but last year I decided to go to an RE, and that's when I felt I got the answers that finally made sense. I had one FSH reading of 41, which he said indicates POF. I had all the tests to determine why, and none of them came back abnormal, but I'm sure it has to be from scar tissue or trauma from the surgery. I'm now on FemHRT after trying Premarin/Prometriukm for awhile and having too much bleeding. I think this Web site's great; it's comforting to know that other people are experiencing/feeling the same thing. Jen, age 27