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  1. One Year Ago We Became A Family

    Juli, Your video is adorable and Lauren is too cute for words. Congratulations on your anniversary as well. Wendy
  2. One Year Ago We Became A Family

    Congratulations Chris! Thank you for sharing your beautiful video with us. Wendy
  3. New China Restrictions And Trying Not To Cry At Work

    Betti, I just heard about the new restrictions today and I couldn't believe what I heard. As you probably know, in addition to the anti-depressants rule, China will no longer allow singles to adopt or people who are over weight. I understand the need to set guidelines but I think China has taken their restrictions too far. Hang in there, you will be a Mom some day. Hugs, Wendy
  4. Update - We Have Been Turned Down

    Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing there are warm loving people in this world, like yourself Ronnie,who want nothing more than to give a baby/child a warm loving home and yet the system allows race, religion and sexual orientation to interfere with a child's happiness. Sending you a big hug. Wendy
  5. Update On Thomas

    Stella, Thomas is precious!!! Enjoy, Wendy
  6. Wish Us Luck!

    Tiffanni, I can only imagine how you and your husband must feel today. I am very sorry. You are in my thoughts. Wendy
  7. I'm A Mum!

    OK, now I am officially doing my happy dance! I am so very happy for you and I can't wait to see pictures of dear little Charlotte. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  8. Omg

    Sarah, I've been following this post and I must admit I have tears in my eyes. I am very happy for you and your hubby. Please keep us posted. Wendy
  9. Fosamax warning

    Hi Dee Dee, Most of the people who developed osteonecrosis took the drug intravenously however, there are cases in which individuals took the pill form. I would discuss your concerns with Amanda's doctor. I was on Fosamax for 4-5 months and personally, I'm glad to be off it. Wendy I took the following information from another article on the internet. Most of these reports came from people who took potent, intravenously delivered versions of these drugs, which are known as bisphosphonates. An additional 120 people who were taking bisphosphonates in pill form have suffered from bone, joint or muscle pain leaving them bedridden or in need of walkers, crutches or wheelchairs. Osteonecrosis of the jaw causes severe infections, swelling and the loosening of teeth. Patients often require long term antibiotic therapy or surgery to remove the dying bone tissue.
  10. Actonel and birth defects?

    I'm not sure laser. Honestly, I'm not sure the doctors know how far out one should stop the drug beforehand.
  11. Actonel and birth defects?

    Hi Victoria, My doctor expressed some of the same concerns about Actonel and other bone building drugs. According to my doctor, the long term effects of Actonel, Fosamax and some of the other bone building drugs are still unknown. My osteoporosis doctor recommended that I stop taking the Actonel if I plan on trying to get pregnant. He felt the estrogen I was getting from my BCP and my daily calcium were sufficient. However, if I choose to stop taking a BCP or HRT then most likely I would need to go back to the Actonel. It's a tough decision to make especially knowing the slim chances of conceiving. Wendy
  12. We're back from Siberia!

    Oh Chris, I am so happy for you and DH. I have tears in my eyes. When do you go back to bring the girls home? Wendy
  13. Celiac Disease

    Yes, there is definitely a link between Celiac disease and infertility. When I was first diagnosed with POF and osteoporosis the very first thing my doctor tested me for was Celiac Disease. There are many symptoms of celiac disease and infertility is one. I did not test positive but I did do a lot of research on the subject. Celiac disease is more common than we think. In fact, in Italy every child is automatically tested for celiac. I can't say if your POF was caused by your gluten intolerance but in my opinion it is definitely worth investigating.
  14. Fosamax Problems

    Hi Victoria and Tanya, How long has Tanya been on the Fosamax? I was on Fosamax for a while and in the very beginning I experienced severe flu like symptoms; muscle aches, pains and even a fever. Within a week or so I started to feel much better. I took Fosamax for several months with no problems but towards the end I started to get pains in my chest. To be on the safe side my primary doctor switched me to Actonel. I preferred Actonel to the Fosamax. I found it much easier to swallow and digest and I had little to no side effects from it. I started to see a doctor who specializes in osteoporosis and he suggested I stop taking the Actonel for a while. I am on the pill so he feels I should be getting enough estrogen from the pill and calcium from my supplements and vitamins. I go back to him in May to have another dexascan. If my results of the scan got worse I will most likely start on the Actonel again. If Fosamax does not agree with Tanya then there are other alternative drugs on the market such as Actonel. There are also some newer bone building drugs on the market now. Good Luck! Wendy
  15. A Posting for Del

    Del was having technical difficulties trying to post pictures of Alena so I volunteered to post the pictures for her. Here are pictures of her little beauty! http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b58/wros...sen1/Alena2.jpg http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b58/wros...sen1/Alena1.jpg Enjoy!