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  1. I don't understand you only took the pills for 2 days? It can take weeks to build up the lining. Good luck to you.
  2. We're going for it again

    From one stranger to another Good luck for May and even better luck for when you start, good to hear from you, we might have another go sometime in the summer too
  3. Success Of Ivf?

    Hiya Just wanted to say that for us it worked first time and we transfered one, donor was 32, same as what your sister will be.
  4. Hot Flashes Are Back

    Pooo that is no good, beat mine if you can 79 thats is pretty high right? Hope you are keeping well anyway
  5. Hrt Or Not?

    Ill PM you later I know a really good one.
  6. Self-improvement??

    I would do them all
  7. Hot Flashes Are Back

    Yes I got them too Really bad, funny I never had them before my baby was born they seem to be worst in the morning, I had to give in 4 weeks ago and get some estrogen it have helped some but they are still there a bit, now the progesteron is making me real nervous is that normal, I can't stand all this hormone stuff Hope you are all well girls Fie X
  8. Hair Loss- Babies Ment.

    Normally the pill is good for hairloss if it is hormonal, what is your ferretin levels like that is your iron stores? I would get that messured if I was you. And sorry you have to deal with this. Oh and it is normal to loose around 100 hairs a day. Luv H
  9. Fie?

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS Im here, sorry it took me so long I did post one long'ish message here last week but I think I pressed something wrong as it never showed. And thanks for asking about me girls, anyway what you all want to hear about is the baby and if I really did go mad I had a great team of Dr's couldent have asked for better the hospital was great too and my husband was most understanding/caring/sweet whatever you call it, the recovery was easy I was up and in the shower and walking straight in less than 24 hours, BUT the very BEST bit is that tiny little baby boy of ours he is so cute and VERY handsome too, Im loving every bit of him and Im so happy to finally be a little family took damn long enough Lots of love to you all, and thanks for all your suport over the years.
  10. Hi Em Sorry I haven'y got any smart advice, I only know about dogs So Im just wishing you a safe trip.
  11. We Have A Match!

    How the F... could I miss this post, sorry Im so late responding. CONGRATULATION Ronnie Im so excited for you girls, ill be checking in here for more updates, can't wait to hear more.
  12. Fet After Pregnancy

    Stella just wanted to wish you good luck lining "building" and ofcourse with all the rest, but one step at a time hey.....
  13. Hi Em you take care, sorry you are having a difficult time.
  14. 20 Week Scan!!

    Great news, all the best for the next few months and a big congratulation on your girl
  15. One

    He's so handsome, and now he's one feels like yesterday you had him.