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  1. 12 days post transfer

    Hi Kate I'm sorry the transfer didn't work. I too struggle with the idea that "character building" usually means having a tough time. Give yourself time to deal with your pain - and I hope you're feeling more positive and better soon. Ronnie
  2. 10 week update

    Hello Many congratulations . How wonderful to be at the 10 week mark with everything on track. On the 'mama' comments, that sucks. You have been and are a wonderful mother already - and your dear son is going to be a fabulous big brother! Love to all Ronnie
  3. heart pounding anyone?

    Hi there Before I was diagnosed I'd get these awful heart palpitations - they were kind of scary. After diagnosis and starting on treatment (first TCM and then HRT) the palpitations abated. Is this the same kind of thing? Do they scare you? Being ultra cautious, particularly when it comes to matters of heart health, please do discuss this with your doctor. It's probably something as simple as a tweak to your HRT - but better safe than sorry. Cheers Ronnie
  4. Beta is in....

    I so love the numbers!
  5. HCG Tomorrow(pg mentioned)

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping for the best of results. Ronnie
  6. can we still ovulate

    Hi Mesina Even just the way your post was written suggested you were having a rotten day. I know so little about thyroid problems other than a general acknowledgement that they can be difficult to manage and can affect your mood, behaviour and perspective etc. It's hard to suggest what to do - other than keep working with your doctor, make a note of your symptoms and what you're taking on a daily basis (although there is a risk of over-analysis) and maybe try some lifestyle adjustments too. By lifestyle adjustments I mean, in particular, improvements to diet and fitness levels. I'd also be tempted, if it were me, acupuncture or the like. Just a thought, it's not for everyone but has worked wonders for me in the past. I hope tomorrow brings more sunshine for you. Ronnie
  7. I have a dear friend who will shortly be going to the Czech Republic for DE IVF - having explored options in both England and Spain as well - she lives in Europe but not in any of the three countries mentioned. If I recall correctly (our conversation was only a matter of weeks ago so hopefully I do), the costs were something like: - Spain 10,000 euros - Czech 3,000 euros While I'd suggest you conduct your own research to satisfy your mind as to whether an IVF clinic is reputable, my friend looked into the various success rates and was feeling very comfortable with her decision to go with Czech rather than Spain or England from a clinical perspective - which I am so pleased about as money has been very much a problem. Good luck Ronnie
  8. Cyclo-progynova

    Joy of joys, I picked up my 6 monthly prescription to find a note from my doctor saying that the 1mg has been discontinued and so I've been given the 2mg with the unhelpful suggestion from the pharmacist that I split the pills. You can't split these tiny little pills! They'll fracture into piles of dust or uneven sizes (thus irregular) of a little bit more / a little bit less. I'm not averse to trying the 2mg (and did a while ago), but it's a case of "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it". I'm just having a whinge, a bit of a moan - feel free to ignore the rant. Ronnie x
  9. can we still ovulate

    Hello Just to add to Mchelle's and Dreamcruise's response which I think are spot on. My understanding is that HRT 'supplements' whatever hormones our body is creating itself, whereas BCP 'overrides' our hormones. One of the problems in terms of ovulation would be figuring out when and if it ever happened while you were on HRT. The HRT wouldn't stop it happening - but it might interfere with some of the physical signals telling us about it (whether as forewarning or after the event). And of course, we can't rely on it happening on a regular or frequent basis. With HRT it's not a case of 'one size fits all' - so you might be on the learning curve of figuring out what works for you. This can take a bit of time and I don't think there's any particular shortcut other than through trial and ... [struggling for a word other than error]. It's great that you know you feel better when your oestrogen levels are at 200 rather than 100. I think this is very much a personal thing and varies from person to person, so that knowledge gives you a real head start when it comes to thinking about tweaking or changing your HRT (or BCP). Let us know how you get on. Ronnie
  10. 2 ww

    Waving! Fingers crossed for good results!
  11. Hello Welcome to the site, although I am sorry we're meeting in this way. The anguish you speak of is all too familiar - you are too young, it is unfair, you're only 37 for goodness sake! Unfortunately, early menopause (or premature ovarian failure) is more common than most people think. You'll find a wealth of knowledge and understanding from the women here - ask questions, read and submit posts. By talking about it, it will start to make sense to you and you'll arm yourself with the knowledge which will allow you to make informed decisions. Infertility is probably the toughest aspect of EM / POF (it was for me) - allow yourself time to grieve for your loss. Be easy on yourself and try not to put yourself in situations where it is going to be painful (easier said than done, I know). Just take one day at a time. Ronnie
  12. ED IVF attempt didn't work...

    Hi Janie I'm so sorry. IVF & DE is never easy and with the added pressures of being homesick and commuting from Aussie to London ... my goodness, it's so hard! Assuming you do come back to the UK for your next attempt, are you able to build in time before and time after just to chill out in London (or wherever?), so that you can get over the stress of the flight and relax after the treatment before jumping on another plane? You're probably doing all that you can in that regard already - I just wish I could make it easier! Thinking of you, Ronnie
  13. Hi Wendy What a crazy time you've been through - and you've survived! You don't say why you had an ovary removed at 14. However, I'd have thought that any surgery in that area would have the potential to negatively affect the remaining ovary. Of course, I'm not a doctor - I suspect that you really ought to be discussing these concerns with your ob/gyn or your reproductive endocrinologist (RE). The symptoms you've been experiencing (how on earth did you put up with them for so long, you're a marvel!) are not exclusive to POF or EM. There could be a range of culprits - including polycystic ovaries (PCOS), which I raise mainly because you refer to your excess weight, as it's another potential indicator. Please, do go to your doctor and have some tests run. Whether it is diminished ovarian reserve (think of it as a precursor to POF or EM) or something else, it needs to be investigated. As you've noted, you are on borrowed time particularly if you're trying to conceive. Do let us know how you get on. Also, do have a look on our message board for young POFers (while I appreciate you're 37 now, this all seems to have started when you were 14). Good luck Ronnie
  14. Hi there Welcome to the site, although I'm sorry to be meeting you this way. Unfortunately, early menopause can and does happen to some women. We have members who were in premature ovarian failure (essentialy EM before 40 years old) in their teens, twenties and thirties. We also have members who found themselves in "early menopause" (EM being menopause before 45). It does set your head spinning - you are too young, but it's happened nonetheless. You'll have lots of questions and I would suggest that you read the information sections of this website for starters (see the links at the bottom of the screen), to include discussions on HRT, osteoporosis, heart health etc. A couple of thoughts to get you started:- - EM does not make you old before your time - you are still very much a vibrant woman in her early forties! - It is something that is almost entirely manageable. - Ask questions here and of your GP. Things such as HRT and whether to go on it are largely personal questions - there is no one right answer! - Read the other posts on this website - this site is greatly enhanced by the wonderful women who offer their support, who share their worries and who will understand what it is that you're going through. To tackle a few of your questions: - your fertility is typically measured by your worst FSH reading. So, even if it came back down (it goes up and down naturally anyway) that in itself would not change the diagnosis. - HRT supplements your natural produced hormones rather than replacing them unlike BCP. However, there'd be little point running hormone tests when on either HRT or BCP as they'd both upset the results. - As to HRT and the weak bladder issue ... I don't know. However, there are exercises you can do to build up your muscles (such as stopping your pee mid-flow and restarting again). That's just for starters, Ronnie
  15. As if we didn't already know that smoking was bad for us ... See the extract below. Smoking, even second hand, increases early menopause risk Source: Menopause 2008; Advance online publication Examining the effects of smoking and second-hand smoking on the risk for early menopause. MedWire News: Smoking and second-hand smoking both increase the risk for early menopause, say scientists.