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  1. She's here!

    Well I thought it was time I checked in and let you know what has been happening. Rowan Ann was born on 7th june 2 weeks early and a emergency c section as I had pre eclampsia and the cord was round her neck. Unfortunatly the complications didn,t end here a week later I was rushed back in with life thretening clots in my lungs, an infection in my womb and the C Diff virus. I am now finally home with my family and enjoying life with my children. On a happier note Rowan is gorgeous and now a wopping 9lb 3oz and Rhys is enjoying his new sister. I look forward to hearing from you all carol
  2. Success Of Ivf?

    Hi I fell pregnant 2nd and 3rd attempt (both frosties) personally I think you are more anxious 1st attempt because you dont know what to expect. Good luck Carol x
  3. Desperately Want A Child

    Hi We used Wolverhampton for both my pregnancies. We waited 18 months for a donor which is quite short for the uk. Carol X
  4. Desperately Want A Child

    Hi there Don't give up hope there is always a chance however small. I am the same age as you and my son has just turned 1 and I am now 4 months pregnant, both concieved through egg donation. Do lots of research and never think a question is silly. We are always here for you Carol x
  5. Pregnancy Tests

    Hi There I might not be right but I'm pregnant through IVF where I took oestrogen and progesterone to get pregnant (the same as my hrt just higher doses) and my pregnancy tests (I took several) all came back positive at day 14. Hope this is useful carol X
  6. Another Miracle

    Hi All Well the scan went fine and there is only one growing in there, I have to say I am somewhat relieved as 3 kids under 2 might have been a bit much with meno as well. Rhys said mama this week I was thrilled. He is a big ball of energy and always smiling. He's moving around the furniture well now so I have to keep my wits about me. Thanks for all the support carol x
  7. hi all Well a quick update (as I am still in shock) Had 2 frosties put in and I am now pregnant again(yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh) we will find out on Saturday if it is more than 1 as I have felt more sick this time (if that is at all possible). By the way Rhys is 9 months old already dosen't time fly I'll be in touch soon Carol x
  8. Well I might be. We are off to the clinic tomorrow to find out how soon we can start a cycle with our frosties. Rhys is 7 months old now and we are so desperate for him not to be an only child. Anyone got any advice or stories about going for it again so soon after a pregnancy. I feel as nervous as the first time which I am quite surprised about. Speak to you all soon Carol x
  9. Hi Just a quickie has anyone noticed thinning of the hair after pregnancy? Carol x
  10. Frightened

    Hi all Had my ultrasound this morning and everything is ok I am so relieved. Thanks for all your support Carol x
  11. Frightened

    Hi I only breast fed for 3 days. My appiontment is on tuesday morning. I broke down on my husband last night, I think I'm thinking after the good luck of having my son it needs to be balanced out with some bad luck, silly I know. Also my friend has just lost his son to cancer and my neighbours sister has got a tumour and been given only a year to live so I feel a bit surrounded by it at the moment. Carol x
  12. Frightened

    Hi ladies I've found a lump in my breast and I'm scared to death. Rhys is now 14 weeks old and I,m back on hrt. I'm waiting for a appointment at the breast clinic to have an ultrasound to have it checked. Has anyone had this happen due to pregnancy, hormones, hrt ect. I'm trying not to think the worst as it is only very tiny (about half the size of a pea) and dh says try to put it to the back of my mind until I know if I've got something to worry about (easier said than done). Sorry to go on but I'm feeling very tearful this morning (damn those hormones). Bye for now carol x
  13. Hi all Well Rhys is 6 weeks old and how fast it is going, I feel that if I shut my eyes for to long he'll be 18 already. We had our 6 week check yesterday and all is well he weighed 11lb 2.5 ozs (a little beast ha ha). He did me proud and weed all over the doctor. He only gets up once in the night but the stretch is getting longer and longer so hopefully over the next few weeks he,ll start sleeping through. I'm loving every minute of being a mum even the tiredness. I'll keep you all updated carol x
  14. What Next?

    Can anyone tell me what happens now I am no longer pregnant . Everyone tells me I just have to wait and see what my body decides to do. I was just wondering what others have experienced. Thanks Carol x
  15. Hi all Well baby Rhys has finally arrived on new years eve weighing in at 8lb 7oz. After a 48 hour labour which concluded with an emergency cesearean section I am still in shock that he is finally here. I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year and thank you all for the support you gave me throughout my pregnancy. Carol x