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  1. Just Wondering If I'm Alone.....

    Hi there Shellie I have a 2 y.o. wonderful baby, the best! She was given to us from the very second she was born (I met her still in her bm's tummy); I used to think a lot about my own pregnancy before I had her; what it would be like to have this cuttie moving inside you, all the ups and downs of pregnancy and then, breast feeding her; magically, all these thoughts faded away when she was born... although, what has made me sad many times has been not having had HER growing in my tummy!!! I have even told her a few times 'I am so sorry you didn't get to grow in mommy's tummy; would've been wonderful we had been together from the very begining'.... i am not sure if it is about grieving or what, but what really hurts is the painful and long path to adoption, not pregnancy itself.... (it would be MUCH easier to 'JUST' get pregnant to become a mommy!!!!!) We are all different! and you don't have to feel guilty at all!!!
  2. Bm May Be Going Into Labor!!

    Corn, I know the feeling!!! I do!!!! I don't post too often, yet I have been following your adoption story.... woooooow! you are a mom!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I am really really happy for you! Good luck with the paper work and all that! enjoy your baby each second that goes by... WE don't take our babies for granted...! Hugs!!!
  3. Hi, I am Cindy (yes, another Cindy) Married with no children (actually I was trying to get pregnant when I learnt I was going through PM) 29 y.o, recently DX Premature Menopause. (Nov.04) All my tests are at post-manopausal levels, and it seems to be caused by autoimmunity d. The first time I had blood tests was in February 04, and by Nov. same year LH, FSH have increased to double. Thanks, Cindy T
  4. Hi, I'm Cindyla, 29, also diagnosed early menopause. Just started Totelle (HRT), my latest results (taken a few days ago, and much worse than the ones I did early this year), all of them around Post-Menop. LH: 48.63 mUI/ml FSH: 89.86 mUI/ml Estradiol: 24.82 pg/ml Progesteron (Hidroxi-17): 0.48ng/ml Free Testosterone: 0.9 pg/ml DHEA Sulfate: 136.80 ug/dl