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  1. Hi All, another newbie here. I seem to be too young at some sites and too old here I have recently turned 40 and thought I had had my last period the week before, but 14 weeks later the darn thing turned up again. I started about 4.5 years ago (altho I couldn't get a dr to agree with me because I was "too young". My grandmother, mother and Aunt had all finished by the time they were 35 - 37, so for my family I am running late. I am so over this now, I just want it to be finished (or at least have the acne go away - I didn't get it as a teenager, but I sure seem to be making up for it now.) As I had a brush with cervical cancer in my 20's I cannot use HRT so I am just using herbal supplements - they did stop the hot flushes so that has to be good right!!