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  1. officially on the list!

    Whoo Hooo good for you... question for anyone... I live in the US. My husband and I want to get a house before we adopt. We are looking to buy a house next year. So I was thinking of doing the house thing then focusing on the adoption thing. But if it takes that long should I start now? Help! Thanks for any advice and I am very happy for you and wish you the best of luck! Erin
  2. Nausea and Headaches?

    Right now I am not on HRT BUT I have had similar symptoms that you mentioned above. I went to the dr (I now have an HMO so I have to go to the PCP first - UGG!) and she referred me to a Gyno which will take 7-14 days. All because I want to go BACK onto HRT to see if it will help what you described above-mainly hot flashes and dizziness, which usually lead to panic or nausea. I also have had other stomach issues so she is checking out other tests too just in case. (Stool issues- so stool samples) And my Glucose levels. Because of the nausea and the dizziness as well as fatigue, I have had my sister and even the doctor ask if I was sure i wasn't pregnant and she even ran the test just in case, which of course I wasn't. The last thing I am going to ask about is my thyroid, which I don't thing was EVER tested? Not sure why. Good luck to you!
  3. HTR Estratest

    I took Estratest for about 4 months and (it was the lowest dosage) and I don't know if it is the cause but my mood did change. Again it was just correlated and that doesn't mean it was the cause. Good luck! I am going back to a doctor to go back to the vivelle patch.
  4. Questions for the GYN/RE

    Ask about a dexa scan to get an idea of where your bone density is now and osteoporosis - Good Idea to get feedback through this website! Write it all down OR take someone with you who will help you remember. Crossing my fingers you have a great experience with the new doctor!!!
  5. Im new here and need some help.

    I just want to echo Scout: Don't be nervous about seeing the doctor- I know it is scary. Just going to the GYN for reg pap can be distressing. One thing to note: think about what you would tell someone you love that is having a health problem- You probably know the answer. That you would hope and pray they did go to the doctor. Sometimes we don't treat ourselves as well as we should, and put it off. I know I have done this. Take care of you, just as scout says most doctors are not shocked at anything and if they do rub you the wrong way, don't let that derail you. See someone else. Also put a list of questions together and ask them. I know this is something I have trouble remembering to do. For example, ask for possible reasons, what tests they are going to run, when you will get the results, how you will get the results, and if they give a percription what is it and what are the side effects and if there are other options etc. Don't feel like your being pushy-Again you deserve great care! Take care, Erin
  6. Update Since Re Appointment...

    Yeah it annoying when I do open up and tell someone about this issue they ask why and I say that no one knows and they did different tests but nothing came up. I think I would like to have an ultrasound again because I had one at like 18 or 19 because they were looking for a possible appendicitis. Not really related. But that is when they noticed I had under-developed ovaries. They tested for chromosome issues (Turners) and came up XX. And did all the I had been dx Primary amenorrhea but still do not know why. The why is a hard part too because I don't want later to find out I am sick and I should have known about something. Any one have advice I'd love it-
  7. Does Young Age = Delayed Diagnosis?

    Hi -Totally understand the Doctors = Frustrating thing. Sometimes I feel so confused and Powerless at the "system". One of the best things that happened to me is to get referled to an Endocrinologist from a GYNO I was refered to in the first place. I feel like she was the only one to really understand what to look for and test. Good Luck to you and my prayers are with you. I am proud you went to the Doctor to address this in the first place- Don't give up!
  8. Early Menopause

    If you have had pretty regular periods and had been on the pill, as far as I understand it, your body may need to readjust - To go back on the pill to add hormones might even be more confusing. HOw long were you on the pill and then how long off? Sorry if you answered that already. A lot of things affect having a period- Stress is one major issue which might be just making it worse since you are stressing about the not having the period and not being pregnant. Another is your exercise and diet routine. Are you not eating right and over-taxing your body? These are questions your doctors are going to ask you as well. Your history of your cycle is another thing they will focus on. i never had a period that wasn't brought on by hormones so obviously there is an issue there. My sister has 4 kids and rarely has a period. You can't be certain by reading others stories what your "diagnosis" is though. A simple blood test can test what different hormone levels are and what your FSH level is. This can tell you a lot. It is better to find out earlier so maybe you can have more options for getting pregnant. I know it is scary, because you don't want to hear bad news, but you have support here at this website- No news can be worse for your stress level, and your overall health. Hugs to you- =)
  9. Where To Start

    Thanks! I appreciate both of your advice
  10. Birth Control Or Hrt?

    It's weird...I had my first doctor who diagnosed me with being a primary place me on HRT. When the scrip ran out, I was living somewhere else and needed to be seen so I saw a regular gyno. Then the gyno I went to for a while gave me a prescription for bcp which I never filled (I just felt weird about it) I didn't really trust her for some reason so I found a new gyno. He got me back on HRT. I don't understand why we would need bcp because I know I can't get preg anyway and it would be a reminder of that. And it doesn't seem to be able to regulate the hormones as effectively. We need to get the levels specifically checked and see what our bodies need ya know? Just my two cents...I am not your doctor
  11. Urgg I totally agree. I hate going to the doctors and filling out paperwork. Last period question is the worst. I get so many different responses from the med assistants who ask (usually confusion). I swear if someone is in the medical field you would think they would have been informed about these things. One of the worst examples was when I was trying out a new hrt and the pharmacist at the hospital wanted to know why the doctor perscribed both estrastat hs and prometrium because that is not right. She kept mentioning that it didn't make sense and asked me why the doctor prescibed them. This was not in a confidential area either. I said I would rather not say, but she had me so freaked out that maybe it was wrong I fnally told her and she still was confused. Sometimes I feel like we are educating them. Which is scary since I am not sure if I am right all the time either. Oh and now I changed insurance and need to find a gyno in my providers network and there are only two to choose from. I just got used to my old gyno who had pictures of BABIES above his table taped on the ceiling to "look at". Now a new one to explain all the issues with. =( Not looking forward to this....
  12. Where To Start

    Where would anyone recommend starting to check out adoption? Example questions: How does it work? How much should you expect to pay in fees? What are the questions I should be asking? Pros/cons? Book recommendations would be helpful I think there is private vs. public adoption is this right? Thanks for all the help
  13. Pregnancy Tests

    Do pregnancy tests work if you have been on HRT?
  14. Favorite Smell?

    COFFEE!!!! Gardenia and rose are two flowers that I love the smell of. I agree with the jergens lotion-The one that is like cherry almond. I like Romance perfume. I like sandalwood too. Oh the smell of a beach fire pit or a fireplace too! The BEST!
  15. Wedding News

    Well, I mentioned my wedding but it was in Feb. so we just celebrated our Half-a-versary!!! Our wedding was an awesome day. It threatened to rain all week . It was gray in the AM but the sun burst through and it didn't~ Yea! The lord blessed us with a wonderful day with our loved ones! It was perfect for the two of us- pretty small...only about 80 guests. We went to NZ for the honeymoon and now are planning a trip eventually to Italy! Hope anyone getting married soon has a lovely wedding! Let me know if anyone has questions about their to help. E