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  1. Ovulation Kits?

    You could try the Answer 21 Day pack. I could never tell when I was cycling with the regular ones, but with this it's more obvious, plus if your cycles are long and/or erratic, it's better because you have more test strips so it's less expensive. It comes in a pink box. They helped me with my little miracle Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone, Our sweet little babe is now 14 weeks and my hot flashes have been back for a while. The docs here haven't been helpful (we have moved out of state since the birth) and said there is no reason to test my estrogen or FSH since it's so close to post partum, they pretty much dismissed me, I don't think they thought I was for real since I had a baby. Angel, like you I'd like to continue to breastfeed (I nursed my other son till 25 mos.) but I am so uncomfortable and also moody (recent return to work not helping though at least it's from home). Also I'd like to have a sex drive again at some point in my life. I have tried calling my TCM doc that helped us get pregnant but he's in China right now. I will try him when he returns as I am wondering if there are any herbal remedies I can try while breastfeeding. Any ideas? I could try to find another Western doc to go to but if you can't take Western remedies anyway I think it might just be discouraging and not worth the bother. Vicky, I was very impressed that you had a period, amazing! Are you nursing? Thanks everyone & take care, Maura
  3. Yay

    How cool! Good luck at the doctor! Maura
  4. My Baby Girl Is Here!!

    Angel, What wonderful news! Congratulations!!! Love her name by the way! Enjoy you precious babe Maura
  5. The Infertility Cure

    Hi Scout, Yes I followed some of her suggestions and had my own little miracle! I was incredibly lucky. I followed both her suggestions for EM and over 35 moms. I did acupuncture & herbs. The only thing was her dietary suggestions were too restrictive and I didn't need to lose weight and I was starting to so I had to modify her suggestions. I wish you the best of luck -- my attitude was like yours -- why leave any stone unturned? Take care, Maura
  6. The Baby Is Here

    Kityi, What fabulous, happy news! Glad that it was pretty 'easy' too! Congrats &hugs Maura
  7. Update

    Angel, That's so great! I feel the same way with the kicks, and all the rest pregnancy has to offer...I just got off bed rest. I am so happy for you. Good luck with everything! I am getting into the homestretch too. (((hugs))) Maura
  8. Hi, I don't know too much about cvs. However, with this pregnancy I was able to do the early down's screening that was just an ultrasound & bloodtest then something called I think the integrated risk assessment which was another ultrasound/blood test at about 20 weeks. So totally non invasive and safe...maybe you can ask if they have other options that are non invasive? And don't feel pressured to do any of this testing biz -- my husband is Jewish and because of that they told us that we were at risk for all kinds of genetic diseases that we opted not to test for...I was pressured into an amnio with my first pregnancy and I regret that I did it. It was a much worse procedure than I thought. Good luck to you & take care Maura
  9. Frightened

    Carol, Did you nurse? Because I had a lump in my breast shortly after weaning my son and it was benign. It went away on its own. They said it was related to nursing. So maybe it could be something similar? Try not to worry too much yet, most of the time they are benign...when is your appointment? Take care, Maura
  10. 26 Weeks!

    Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in a while and wanted to say that all is well! I am 26 weeks today and so grateful to be pregnant and that everything is going well! I look quite pregnant (have gained 24 lbs. and trying not to gain too much!) but feel good. The only thing I am a little nervous about is that my son was born a little early, my water broke at 35 weeks and he was born the day I turned 36 weeks. But he was fine, 7 lb. 6oz, but I just don't want this baby to come too early -- i.e. any earlier than my son (the due date wasn't off -- but big babies run in my family so if I had gone full term he would have been a whopper!) Every week though, I know it gets safer, plus there have been no signs of pre-term labor which I have been watching for very carefully. If this baby is born around the same time my son was, I am now in the home stretch... I feel less fearful about the whole birth process this time around. I have the same doula and she was a huge help the first time. I did switch practitioners and I like the new midwives. We have been in the process of selling our house (now done) and moving out of state and right now we are in our temporary home till after the baby comes and I am grateful for a break in the action and to be able to focus more on my family and my pregnancy. Ok, got a little long winded and rambly here...hope everyone is doing and feeling well and for those of you who are expecting all your bumps are growing (and kicking!) Take care, Maura
  11. 20 Week Scan!!

    Angel, Great news! I am very happy for you! Continue to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and anticipating your dear little baby girl!!! (((hugs))) Maura
  12. It's Official

    Vashni, Congrats! Sounds like a blessing (in disguise?) I am happy for you! Enjoy your time with your precious little one and I hope that you can pursue your master's in acupuncture...sounds fascinating. Take care, Maura
  13. One

    Stella, He is absolutely precious and you all are such a handsome family! Congratulations, what a fun milestone to be celebrating! Take care, Maura
  14. Breast Tenderness After Acupuncture

    I thought it was progesterone that causes the tenderness -- so you don't get it when you have low progesterone?
  15. Had 20 Week Scan Last Week

    Fie, That's great news! Isn't it amazing to see the baby? My goodness you must be so dainty. I am not dainty on the other hand, and have gained close to 17 pounds and am huffing and puffing when I climb a lot of stairs! I am now 22 weeks but really popped about a week or two ago, all of a sudden some of my smallish maternity clothes were downright snug. I am very happy for you. Continued good health and enjoy your pregnancy -- it's a special time, isn't it? I am feeling the kicks of the baby getting stronger & I love that! (((hugs))) Maura