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  1. Favorite Smell?

    ok so was having a rough day until I saw this post so thought I would add some: * The smell of clean clothes * New textbooks * Lavender * the smell of winter - if there even is one but when the air is crisp and cold and I'm still thinking, seriuosly love this question.....
  2. Welcome Quinney5000

    Hi there Beth, thank you so much for your reply it really has given me hope. This website is great help and to know there are people out there with the same problem really does help and make it not so scary. Congratulations on your engagement and I hope you have a lovely wedding. x
  3. Roll call please~Now Younger POF'ers!

    Hi everyone, I see this wall hasn't been written on for a few months so I don't know if I will get a reply. I am 19 from the UK and was officially diagnosed with premature menopause 2 days ago (but had guessed a few years back) the doctors didn't want to "jump to any conclusions", its still sinking in now that I have been told for sure. What I wanted to ask was how did you all cope when you had to tell your partners new or old that you couldn't have children, this is what I am most worried about. Would love to hear from anyone. All the best. xxxxx