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  1. following gyno logic

    Hey Barbie, It sounds like you've been on quite a rollar coaster ride with your various doctors & differing prescriptions for HRT. I'm sorry to read about all the trouble you've been having. Every woman is unique & every woman will react differently to different HRTs, including BCPs - so maybe this is why your previous doctor was 'experimenting' a little. Still hard to accept, for sure, especially when you throw in the seriousness of all the potential health problems that can go along with EM. I hope the Yaz BCPs help you feel better soon! Regarding your back pain - I'm not sure if there is a connection to EM/POF & lower back pain, but I wanted to reccommend a book to you that helped me a great deal with lower back pain. It's called the Back Doctor (or something along those lines) by Hamilton Hall, M.D. Lots of good information there about why so many people have back problems, plus good therapeutic, easy-to-do exercises that help you to strengthen those muscles. Take care of yourself. I hope your on to a better doctor who you can trust now. Scout
  2. 10 week update

    Hi Kelly, I can completely relate to your feelings of finding it hard to believe you are pregnant. I still never say to people, I'm pregnant. Somehow, the words just don't register in my simple brain. Instead, I'll say, DH & I are expecting a baby. I know it's just semantics, but it works better for me that way. We've been for ultrasounds, I'm 20 wks today, we know the gender (a boy), & he's taken up kick-boxing as an all day activity, but I still have trouble with it registering for real. Good for you for being tactful with people calling you "Mama" for the first time. If you're experience has been anything like mine, maybe all those years of having to smile & be tactful when people said insensitive things re: EM/POF helped. Sounds like your kids are (& will be) very lucky to have you as a mom. Hope the next 30 wks of your pregnancy go smoothly. Thanks for the update! Scout
  3. Should I Say Anything?

    Yikes, Dora, that's a tough one! I guess whether you say something or not to your friend about her 6 yr old will depend some on your relationship with your friend. Would she appreciate knowing about her child's poor behaviour or would she resent hearing it? Maybe give it some thought about how you'd approach the subject with her in a way that won't hurt her feelings. At the very least, I'd be careful about letting Tara play with your friend's children (maybe keep it supervised for the next little while). It may be just a phase . . . . Scout
  4. Hi there & thanks so much for your replies. As you may have noted this is an older thread, started last February. Since that time, DH & I underwent a DE/IVF process & were lucky with one embryo implanting. We are expecting a boy next March. I'd like to write that I'm completely over the ambivalence I was feeling & that becoming pregnant has erased all of my concerns, but that isn't quite true. Still, a very wise friend of mine has explained to me that my grief & sadness over the loss of genetically related children is just that. It doesn't have to be related to or connected with this baby at all. I can look at these two things separately. Sure, the imbalance is still there - my DH does have the opportunity to have a genetically related child & I never will - but I wouldn't wish my loss on him. It isn't fair, but then life isn't fair in so many ways that I;ve just given up worrying about it any longer. Daisy2, I'll check out the epigenetics you mentioned in your post. Thanks for that. It sounds like we had a somewhat similar path - we convinced our doctor to try IVF & that failed, then we eventually went on to DE/IVF. We had 7 embryos, 3 made it to blast, none were left to freeze, & 1 little guy hung on for dear life. Scout
  5. 12 days post transfer

    Again, Kate, I'm very sorry for all of the heartbreak & pain you're experiencing. I wish it wasn't so. You & your DH will have your family. The waiting & the not knowing how or when this will happen for you is . . . . I don't even know what words to use to describe it . . . horrible? difficult? unfair? Surely all of those things. But do try to keep in mind that you will have your family. Make it your mantra: I will have a family, I will have a family . . . Take care of yourself & be sure to let yourself feel all of those awful feelings - the anger, sadness, frustration - it is part of your healing process. Scout
  6. 12 days post transfer

    I'm sorry, Kate. This is such sad news. Thinking of you. Scout
  7. Middle of 2 tww

    Hang in there, Kate! Remember, the probability of your being pregnant is no in way linked to other people being or getting pregnant - it just doesn't work that way. So, turn those thoughts out of your mind & hang in there a little longer. Hoping for the best for you. Scout
  8. Hi Trishy, Something doesn't sound right . . . Have you called or been back to your doctor or RE (whoever prescribed the HRT)? Maybe it is time for a follw up appointment with that person. Scout
  9. 7 week ultrasound

    Hi Kelly, I'm doing okay - almost 17 wks now. Just kind of wish it was over so I could open a really beautiful bottle of wine! Scout
  10. Hi KEL9611, It just stinks that money can be such a factor in our efforts to conceive. I am sorry to hear that this is weighing so heavily on you right now, but it is a common concern for so many women going through IVF treatments. At least you have the $10k fertility benefit that you can use - that should help ease the financial pain a little. You know, IVF treatments can be stressful - all the worry about whether it will work or not & so on. Is it possible for you & your DH to sit down together & talk this out? Although money is a concern for everyone going through this experience, you will need to focus all of your strength on the IVF process itself, as well as your mental/physical health. Even for only a few weeks, I would recommend trying to put aside your worries about finances (if at all possible). The possible end result -- a child to welcome into your family -- will be worth every penny. I'm not sure this helps & I'm sorry I don't have the positive IVF story you are looking for, but please remember that EM/POF & the paths taken to conceive a child is diferent for for everyone. Just because it did not work for someone else, doesn't mean it won't work for you. Scout
  11. FET on Monday 7th Oct

    Hi Katepolly, Praying for you over here on the other side of the world! I hope the 2 ww goes by quickly. Scout
  12. 7 week ultrasound

    So exciting, Kelly. Really happy for you.
  13. Clearblue fertility monitor

    Hi All, Just wanted to chime in to say that it is possible to have a period when you haven't ovulated, so I'm not sure the dropping progesterone from your HRT would work exactly right. Years ago, I had all kinds of wonky cycles (really long periods or really short cycles & so on) - all of them anovulatory & a result of a drop in estrogen (as opposed to ovulation). Scout
  14. Stuck and don't know what to do

    Hi Cheryl, I am so sorry to read about your miscarriage. That must have been devastating for you & your DH - all that hope & happiness, & then to have it all vanish. I am sorry for your loss and for your pain. I don't know what to recommend re: adoption or moving forward with your efforts to build a family. Of course, we all wish for a family built the traditional, biological route. Adoption is a wonderful thing, not only for you & your family, but for the child who now has the opportunity to grow up in a loving and caring family environment. I'm not an expert, though, but I'm guessing it is something you can't or shouldn't rush into. There are many, many women on this website who have adopted - I'm sure someone wll be along soon who may be able to help you more than me. Again, I'm sorry for your loss. Scout
  15. FSH while on HRT

    Hi Gatorgirl, I found some infformation on the POF support website that may help you. Here is the link: Here it reads: "HRT will lower your FSH, but that does not mean anything with regard to your ovarian function. Your FSH IS an indicator of ovarian function when you are not on hormones, but the level is meaningless while taking HRT. A given FSH level on a given day will not tell you your 'prognosis'. It's like taking a snapshot of your speedometer in your car and assuming that that's what it's doing now, when it is parked in your driveway! FSH changes too dynamically to be of great use as a predictors of what you will be doing in the future." Hope this helps. Scout