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  1. Yes, I fully emphathise..... I recently had to have two X-rays. On both occasions they made me sign a declaration to say I'm not pregnant, despite my notes saying I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. The first occasion, I was so upset and so was the radiographer, but she still made me sign the declaration ! The second time it happened, they made me sign it in two different places ! When I was going through my 3rd IVF treatment, I was waiting to go in to the theatre to have my little embryos transferred into me. A doctor was asking me loads of questions..... he asked me "what contraception do you use ?". WHAT ?????????? He did apologise to me, but it was a silly question and totally unnecessary. Also, when I was ill in hospital for one month with severe endometriosis, I was made to go for trans-vaginal scan. I was dumped in my wheelchair in a waiting room full of heavily pregnant women. I ended up completely hysterical and had to be taken into another room(I was waiting on an emergency hysterectomy at age 28 after my IVF failed). To make matters even more incredible, on the day after my hysterectomy, I was delivered some beautiful flowers and a teddybear from my gran, via a local florist. Unfortunately, the florist sent me a large pink teddybear with something written across it...... you've guessed it....... "IT'S A GIRL !" I've never forgotten that. Sorry for ranting on - I feel much better now !!!!! Macey x x x x x