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  1. Sweets!

    Hey Girls, Ya know I never had a sweet tooth until I started HRT. Its even worse on BCP's for me. Bad cravings. So I keep a bowl of frozen grapes on hand and I also found some good recipes in a raw food cookbook for brownies and cookies and even cupcakes. They mostly use nuts and dates and raw carob or coco powder. So its a little better for you than regular sweets and they are delicious. And more thing I like is the Lara bar in coconut cream pie, yum! -prudence
  2. Birth Control Pills

    Well, the Desogen made me nauseous all the time and kinda dizzy. Also it made me very bloated and my breasts got huge and painful. Too high of a hormone dose for my body. My RE switched me over to the Loestrin. She wants me to take it continuos so I skip the placebo pill week and start a new pack. This way no periods (thank god) and my hot flashes wont come back the week I would be off. So far its been 5 weeks and things are better. Much better. I'm less bloated and the breast pain is almost gone. As far as other side effects, I feel kinda crabby but even that is better than it was a few weeks ago, libido is kinda dragging. I do feel a little bulky around my middle, but that could be the mound of halloween candy I consumed. I started back at the gym today, I know I need to keep that up. My RE did say it might take 3 months to get used to the pills before everything settles down. Is Yaz the same dose every week? I need to read up on it. Did your DR. mention that you could take it continuos? The few days that you are on the placebo pills will you take any estrogen? Being hot is the worst, I had horrible hot spells for about a year, I'm so sorry. I hope Yaz or which ever pill you decide on makes you feel better. It took about 5 days or so to start to kick in. Keep us all posted. xo prudence
  3. Birth Control Pills

    Hi Barbie, I just went through the same routine. I was on the Vivelle dot .05 and the last progesterone I had tried was Aygetin. The patch started great and then slowly started to not work. The aygestin was just another progesterone nightmare for me. My body just not tolerate it well at all. Anyway, I FINALLY found a RE at a fertility center to treat me. She put me on BCP right away. The girls here are right, the BCP will stop all of your own hormones production and only give you whats in the pill, so you have no swings in levels. I'm on a low dose as well, stared with Desogen which actually was too much for me, and I had to switch to an even lower dose. Now I'm on Loestrin and it is much better. It does take a few months to get used to it and there may be some small side effects but nothing compared to what I was going through before I stared HRT. And its so easy to take! I know its so hard but give it a try. Hopefully it will work. This is about my 10 Dr. and I have tried loads of HRT combinations only for them not to work. It is frustrating, but once you find the right combo it all seems worth it. Good luck! Prudence
  4. heart pounding anyone?

    Hello, I agree its most likely a hormone tweaking issue. I had intense heart pounding that would wake me up in a panic durning the night gasping for air. It was pretty awful. It has gone away since I started HRT. I would check it out w/ your doctor. Good luck. Prudence
  5. Anyone choose total hysterectomy?

    Hi Barbarella, I had a hell of time finding an a Dr/Endo that I could work with. Finally I found an RE @ a fertility clinic that would treat me even though I can't get pregnant. I got her name off another POF website and she is awesome. Here are the the referrals for Nevada that they list. Have you seen either one of them? If not it might be worth a try before your surgery. Good luck. xo Prudence Dr. Joseph Rojas II and Dr. Kirsten Rojas Meadows Women's Center 653 North Town Center Drive, Suite 414 Las Vegas , NV 89144 702-870-2229 Specialty: OB/GYN, infertility REFERRAL NOTE: Very informed, very caring, willing to listen and work with you and extremely knowledgeable Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg 4275 Burnham Avenue, suite 330 Las Vegas , NV 89119 702-458-6500 Email:
  6. NuvaRing and another ?

    Collie- I'm on Desogen. My Dr. said it was a low dose. I was having such trouble with the monthly progesterone and then my estrogen started to go all over the place, anyway she said to try it for 3 months and she how I feel. so far so good. The first 2 days I was totally nauseous and sick, but after 3 days I was fine. My always there headache has gone away. So hopefully I will not have any side effects but I think its too early to tell. It is easy to use and its way less expensive than other HRT I was trying. -Prudence
  7. NuvaRing and another ?

    Hey collie- I never tired the ring but by levels started going up and down out of the blue and i started to feel overall crappy again. my new Dr. had me switch over to BCP's. its only been a few weeks but I feel much better (except for the 1st few days on it) Might be worth a try. And she said I could take it continuously which means no more periods! - Prudence
  8. BCP for HRT

    I just saw a new Dr. today and she would like me to try BCP for my HRT. She said to take them continuously for 3 months and then see how I feel. She has a lot more experience with POF patients than my previous Dr.(and she is waaaaaay nicer) so I will give it a try, anything to feel better. On the upside its a lot less expensive than anything else I have tried. I really hope it works. -Wolfgirl, do you have any side effects on your BCP? xx prudence

    Thanks Louise, I went back on the vivelle dot and it took a week or so but feel much better. I will just keep trying different types of progesterone. I have a good friend who is a pharmacist and she did some research for me on compounding hormones and she found a pharmacy in New Jersey that she seemed to like. I'm going to call them tomorrow and talk to the women's health specialist. I hope my Dr. will ok it or at least let me try prochieve. I will also ask for any Dr. they may know in my area that work w/ compounding hormones. I'm a little hesitant to give the prometrium 100 a try, I think I'm just to sensitive to it to have it in my system all the time. Anyway thanks for the info, I'll keep tweaking. xo Prudence

    Thank you both for your replies, I will look into a cream. Corn- a compounded cream I'm assuming my Dr. can prescribe that but I will need a special pharmacy? Is there a particular cream that you used or are they all made up different depending on individual needs? I guess I have a few weeks to figure it out while every Dr. in America is on vacation. xo prudence

    Hi girls, I have tried prometrium vaginally, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I still had horrible side effects. My Dr. wants me to take it for 14 days, I can hardly make it 10 and have to stop. My mom is always raving about her Dr. but guess what? HE IS ON VACATION! So I will try to see him next month. She (my mom) told me she is also very sensitive to progesterone, to maybe try a cream. Corn- glad the mirena is working so well for you. Red1964- I guess we wait it out. I will keep you posted if I get any new info especially about this 3 month option. -Pru
  12. Hi Everyone, As I posted a few weeks ago, I made the switch the combipatch in order to hopefully stop having monthly bleeds. The month long bleeding has tapered down but I feel like I did before I stared any HRT at all. Totally bloated, extreme fatigue, fuzzy, and the headaches... my god the headaches. I have been a long time sufferer of migraines, but this is a pain I have never experienced. 3 day episodes!!!! So I call my Dr., talk to the nurse, inquire about the 3 month option of progesterone. She has to call me back, I clutch my cel phone all day, put it down for 2 seconds and sure enough miss the Dr.'s call. I called right back, got the nurse who told me me the Dr. said no to the 3 months(with no explanation) and to stay on the combipatch, and the Dr. is now on vacation for 2 weeks. ARRRRGH! I'm at a loss as what to do. I felt great on the Vivelle patch, but its that frickin progesterone that has me puzzled. Help. xo Prudence Oh yeah, the Combipatch also seems to be less sticky as the Vivelle dot. One night it actually ended up off me and stuck on my husband. Nothing like a man squirming when he sees a hormone patch stuck to his hip.
  13. Switching HRT

    Hi guys- Thanks for the info. I will call my Dr. this week if it keeps up. I feel so-so on the combipatch. Kinda bloated and crampy. Its not horrible, just not great. And the bleeding makes me crazy. I guess I got used to the 2 years I didn't have a period, before HRT. My periods on prometrium were pretty bad, better on aygestin but worse cramps. Guess I will wait it out. Thanks again for all the help! Prudence
  14. Switching HRT

    Hi All- I switched from Vivelle dot & Aygestin to the Combipatch on the 5th, started bleeding on the 7th and it just has not stopped. It will get light for a few days but then goes right back to a full blown period. I figured there would be an adjustment time, and I would spot from time to time, but 3 weeks straight?? Is this normal? Ugh! I'm so sick of trying to figure this out. Getting frustrated. Any advise? xo Prudence
  15. Progesterone every 3 months

    Rita- Thanks so much for all the info. Sounds so interesting. I just started the combipatch 10 days ago so the verdict is still out. My side effects from the prometrium ( both ways) were awful and the cramps I got along with my period about landed me in the emergency room. The aygestin was not much better. Sooo I'm hoping to never have period again. If the combipatch does not work out then the 3 month option is next. I like how you plan out when to take it. Trishy- you should order Kathy's book on POF. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. It helps explain so much of this madness. Thanks again for all the great advise!!! xo Prudence