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  • Interests started missing periods at age 35<br>age 41 stopped having periods to current and went for blood test at age 41. <br>fsh level 70 and estrogen level 26<br>currently as of April 29, 2008 taking .025 vivelle dot<br>prometrium 100mg 10 days every 3 months
  1. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has tried Avlimil? The Dr. just put me on Testorone, scared about side effects. Haven't seen many people using it. My friend who is a Dr. told me some of her female patients tried Avlimil for low libido. They said they had good luck. If anyone has any info on testorone or Avlimil or anything else that may help low libido, could you let me know. Thanks, this was the only side effect from POF that I didn't have. I guess it caught up to me Jody
  2. have you used tesosterone?

    Hello laluz16 How is it going with the cream. My Dr just prescribed it today to me. I will get it in a couple of days. I'm so excited about it. I'm praying it works. Any imput would be great. Thanks so much! I really hope it is working for you. Jody
  3. Hi Colie, I was told by my Dr. to place the patch on my stomach. I have to alternate it every time I change it. I have had no problem with my Viville Dot. I love it. I just hope I was told the right info. Jody Viville Dot .05/Prometrium 100 10 days every three months
  4. "Spotting"

    I am also concerned about the spotting. I'm on prometrium 100 for 10 days every 3 months. I'm also on Vivelle Dot .05. I've been doing well with this. However this month I'm on my 8th day and only spotted. I go to a new Dr. at the end of the Month. I really don't want to increase anything. I don't like the prometrium like everyone else. I'm just really thankful that I'm on it only every three Months. Should I be worried about not really getting a bleed yet. My first time taking it was July of this year. I started the bleed on day two. Before that I believe my last period was March of 2006. I just didn't want to go on HRT. Now I could never live life without it. I'm very thankful It has helped me. Nothing will ever be like it used too, but I'm getting to be as normal as I can. I don't want to change a thing. I realize most people take higher dosages of prometrium. Should I worry that I have had only one bleed in almost 2 years?