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  1. Mendocino County, CA I am looking for someone who prescribes and treats with bio-identical hormones, hopefully in Mendocino County, California. I would be greatful even for someone in Sonoma County. Thanks, Tara
  2. Post-op hormone crash - How do I manage this?

    Thanks to both of you. I apriciated your support and questions, and took some action because of it. I also read through pages of the board on many topics and found some sense of the path. The infection is better, and I just have one more day of antibiotics. Today I went to see my FNP (nurse practicioner), who is my primary. She was very supportive, and we talked about bio-identical hormones. I feel a bit more stable the last two days. Like I hit hormonal bottom, then stopped crashing. It also seems that the bleeding is stopping from inside. Maybe it was in part a healing crisis of sorts. I am listening more closely when my body says i need to lay down. I made the joke to my partner, that I needed to go rest my vagina. We had a very good laugh, and all of a sudden things just felt a bit lighter. Ronnie, on your suggestions, Yes, I am only interested in non-synthetic hormones and options. Since I wrote the post, I have looked into something called Progest cream, and Phytoestrogen cream. Just my frst look into things. Any experience with either? Today I bought some fermented soy essence (easy do assimilate and no gas), and some flax seed oil, on your recomendation. I will have a daily smoothy, and see if that helps. The mean sugar pastry craving seems to be an antibiotic fallout, but I'm holding strong mostly. I will begin the serch for a provider who does testing and prescribing of bio identical hormones. I had thought I would not do any hormones going into this. Now I feel like the woman who plans for natural childbirth and then in the 18th hour of labor says, "to hell with this, give me an epidural." (not that I've ever been there). It seems you just have to be here to know what you can and cannot do. Just having someplace to go with this means alot. Thanks, Tara
  3. I had ovarian cancer at 20, but refused complete hysterectomy then; but required four other surgeries in the next ten years. Have been off the charts high and down to zero with no periods for as long as a year since then, in part due to severe polycystic ovary disease. Recent new tumor and large hemorrhagic cyst at 44, the last one. Surgical Menopause at 44, five weeks ago. I thought I knew what this story looked like already. I had no idea. But the alternative to menopause...I'll take this story any day. Heres to Life!!!!
  4. Greetings, I am almost five weeks post complete hystorectomy. Though I was told it could be bumpy, I could not have really imagined this. I'm 44, and I have lived with eradic hormones and reproductive organ disfunction, but that was nothing compared to whats happening now. I keep getting the shakes, and my arms and legs start to tingle, my heart starts racing (150-185). Its like I'm watching this thing happen to me from accross the room, calmly in my head wondering how bad it will get. My Dr said it was hormone crash, to go along with the hot flashes and other typical symtoms. I am having alot of nerve pain inside my pelvic area that I am hopeful will resolve in time. I had thought I would heal up and let things settle, and then find the alternative remedies that work for me. Now I'm hoping one of you has some advice for what might help me get through this part. I am on double strength Septra (11 days down and 6 more to go) for antibiotic resistant Staph, and can't tell what is antibiotic side effect and what is a lack of hormones. Any ideas? Thanks, Tara