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  1. Just found out i'm Pre Meno

    Though you can find research and information that supports both positions, I can tell you about my family's experiences. Over the past nine years 3 of my family members have all been dx and died from ovarian cancer. All three entered menopause early and were given partial hyst. They have each had different oncologist who said the same thing .... the chances of occurance on the cancer could have been either greatly reduced or eliminated had the ovaries been removed also. My mom recently had a total hyst due to multiple fibroids and cyst on her ovaries and I'm currently undergoing testing to confirm my GYNs dx. But in the event that a hyst is necessary, i'll opt for the total. By the way the omega 3 and fish oil has worked well for my joint pain. Of those that my husband and I have tried (he is in treatment for severe arthritis) Iceland Health's Joint Relief formula has provided the most relief for us both. I hope your biopsy results come out great and that your medications get regulated soon.