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  1. Eye Twitching

    What a timely post!! I haven't had the chance to check in here properly for a while now and your post certainly caught my (twitching) eye! Lol! The past couple of weeks my right eye has taken on a life of it's own... especially in the mornings, and the twitching has been driving me bananas. (Yep, I've eaten more of them too incase there's an electrolyte lack happening, but haven't noticed much change!) My hormone intake hasn't changed either so I don't think that's a basis for it. Doing some reading on this nuisance of a problem, I've noted that stress, caffeine intake and lack of sleep can be the main contributing factors. For me, I think this sure is the winning combo! There's been some major life/family changes happening here with me this past month and so I'm not sleeping all that well (if at all!), am drinking alot more coffee during the day as a result... and did I mention STRESS!! (Aaaaaah! Where's the white room??!! Lol!) I don't know if your HRT changes have led to less sleep and thus some extra stress on the body, but that could be part of the problem for you. I've recently bought an aromatherapy product called Deep Sleep from The Body Shop, that's sprayed onto your pillow/clothing at night and I think it's helped a bit. The first night I slept like a baby and my eye twitched hardly at all the next day. It's been a bit up and down in the days since. But, thought this product may be of interest anyway... if desperate! Lol! Good luck Colie! Here's hoping that things settle down for you soon too. Cheers,
  2. Correction! Evamist not nasal spray

    Hi again Corn! I feel pretty good generally on my 2mg daily dose. I dropped down to 1mg daily about 5 years ago and after trying that for almost a year, chose to go back up to a higher dose. I just felt "flat" on 1mg and my RE was ok with me tweaking upwards again. Before actually going back to the 2mg oral dose, I started Aerodiol and the daily spray up each nostril -the recommended dose - was meant to be the equivalent of about 2mg oral anyway! I haven't tried patches yet though. I have very sensitive skin and haven't liked the larger patches that were first available here. The smaller dots seem more appealing to me however! That said, I seem to do darn well on my oral doses, so I go back to the old saying that if the wagon aint broke, why try and fix it? Good luck in finding the delivery method and dose that suits you! Cheers,
  3. In the spirit of 'multiculturalism'... and cross-cultural entertainment , I thought I'd share this video of some tribal aboriginal dancers from our Arnhem Land Region up north! The "Chooky Dancers", complete in tribal paint and dress, have foregone the traditional didgeridoo and clapping sticks accompaniment in favour of some other music! When first posted on youtube, their video was such a hit that they were invited to appear on Australia's Got Talent! Here's the result! It's all Greek to me!! Lol! Yassou, cobber! Enjoy!
  4. Correction! Evamist not nasal spray

    Sorry Corn..... looks like you'll have to delete that option! I used to use Aerodiol (nasal spray estradiol) but the manufacturers discontinued it's production last year I think, due to falling global sales. I know that Evamist has been developed here in Australia and is a world first in delivering estradiol via a once-daily transdermal spray. I haven't tried it myself as at the time I was reading about it, it hadn't been covered by our government's PBS scheme (a pharmaceutical subsidy). So, it was quite costly, especially when compared to estradiol patches and tablets here covered by our PBS. But now that you've tweaked my memory about it again, I may have to look into it also! Has it received approval for sale in the US? Cheers!
  5. Troches, Soya Beans, Wild Yam??

    Hi Gals! Glad to know you're not going to be roped in further by that company! Yep, they've given themselves a VERY officious sounding name but at the end of the day they're just a medical marketing company making money out of menopausal confusion. I'm also glad to read that you've started on your HRT Trishy! GOOD LUCK! I'll state it again, but please know that you are not locked into this for the next 20 years or so! See how you feel on it and reevaluate in a few months time. So when do you see you RE next? And like I mentioned to you in another post, there would be nothing wrong with utilising a naturopath for extra help. You really don't have alot to lose - apart from cash! Some women here, especially those trying to fall pregnant, have been helped in the early stages of their diagnosis, but the greater majority still haven't. You could give yourself 6 months to try natural therapies and then go back to mainstream HRT if nothing much changes. At least you know you've given it a try! Also, whoever made the comment about your HRT being made from horse urine is grossly generalising and mistaken! One of the first HRTs produced, Premarin, IS derived from pregnant mare's urine (hence it's name!). It was the most widely used and tested type of estrogen replacement, before the explosion of other types and delivery methods on the market, so some people still think only of Premarin when HRT is mentioned. The Kliogest you have been prescribed contains "oestradiol" as the main estrogen (along with a progestin) and estradiol is derived from plant sources, namely soy and wild yams, and not horse's urine! Oestradiol is bio-identical also, which means it's the same as what your body would make if it could! Good luck on your new "treadmill"! And, I hear Sydney is all abuzz today with World Youth Day and The Pope's visit! Hope it's all not too hectic for you there! (The weather sure looks heaps better for you than bleak, wintery Adelaide at the moment! Enjoy any sunshine you've got ... and send some our way! Lol!) Take care!
  6. Im new here and need some help.

    Hi Tigerlily and another welcome from me! I'm sorry to think you could have a problem such as this, and this is certainly the place for sounding out such concerns! Please don't feel you are offending or upsetting anyone with your queries. We're happy to help you however we can. Can I second (and third!) the suggestions made about biting the bullet and discussing this all with your doctor. Hopefully your doc won't be dismissive about your concerns (as some of our young members here have unfortunately found!) Premature menopause does happen to women in their teens and twenties also, as we all too sadly know here! If it's a family doctor you might see first off, then a referral to a gynaecologist or an RE (reproductive endocrinologist - a doctor that specialises in reproductive hormone concerns) would be your best option. This site's founder, Kathy, has an excellent information page on what tests to run to determine if POF/EM could be a concern for you. Have a read! http://www.earlymenopause.com/tests.htm Please take care of yourself Tigerlily - and let us know what you decide to do and find out. If the news is as you suspected, then know you'll be in welcome, crazy company here! Best wishes!
  7. Two Talking Cats!

    Thought I'd share these two videos that my 11 y.o niece found on youtube, with you here! They certainly bought a huge smile to my face! Firstly, check out two cute kitties "talking" to each other! Just adorable! Now have a laugh at the "translation"! Where's dem tweats?
  8. Troches, Soya Beans, Wild Yam??

    Hi again Trishy!! The Australian Menopause Institute is the blatant marketing company here that preys on women's fears of pharmacy purchased HRT, and tries to push their ridiculously expensive "tailor-made", "all-natural" forms of HRT! I called them years ago after seeing a full page ad in one of our Sunday papers and got their marketing speil over the phone. The 'consultant' (read salesperson!) glowingly mentioned the use of bio-identical wild yam derivatives, amongst other things, in their preparations and poo-hooed mainstream HRT as inferior and unsafe! I think I was also required to commit to 6 months worth of product for over $600 (from memory!). I stated that the oral estradiol I was currently taking is also derived from bio-identical wild yams, that it costs me only around $18 for a 2 month supply (thanks to our government subsidies), and the fact that it was created by a pharmaceutical company in a laboratory, instead of an individual, didn't mean it was less safe to use or less "natural". She didn't want to argue the point and asked if I wished to speak to one of their staff doctors for further information. I didn't. Though, it annoyed me to think that someone could be so taken in by their sales pitch and scare-mongering. Many were, and complaints were made. As a result, our consumer watchdog, the ACCC, took out legal proceedings against the AMI here, fined them and made them retract many of their false statements. Here's a link to their report if interested. http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml...omItemId/720536 So Trishy, if this is the same company you spoke to, my advice would be to give them a wide berth. I have also used compounded hormones to supplement my regular HRT, but these were prescribed by either my GP or RE and then created and filled at a compounding pharmacy here locally. I'm sure your RE could do the same thing if you wanted this. There's nothing wrong with using troches as a delivery method for getting hormones delivered directly into your bloodstream via the oral mucous membrane. Hormone patches do the same thing via the skin - and alot cheaper too! Just please be wary of dealings with that company though! Sorry if I've come across abit strong about this, but I dislike organisations that use fear, verbal persistance and smokescreens to push their products. Maybe things have changed? (But does a leopard change it's spots?) Cheers,
  9. Progesterone every 3 months

    Hi Colie, Bleeds becoming lighter and lighter on Prometrium (natural progesterone)is something that seems to happen for some who choose this HRT. Go figure! I don't know why, and after decades of regular, even bleeds on Provera, a synthetic progestin, finding that my bleeds on Prometrium were basically 'hit and miss' was a bit off-putting for me. My doc said that as long as my lining shed every so often, then it wasn't really a concern, but I didn't like putting up with 12-14 days of pill-popping (vaginally also) feeling PMSy towards the end of it, and then finding that nothing really much was happening afterwards. Roughly every second or third bleed was sort of "normal". I think I stuck it out for around 18 months and then switched over to Duphaston, another synthetic progestin. Synthetic progestins by design are meant to create a bleed which is why their bleeding profile is more regular and consistent, when compared to Prometrium. Colie, Prometrium taken orally does make one sleepy and you need a stronger dose as well, since much is metabolised by your digestive system before it finally targets your uterus via the bloodstream. Using the pills vaginally means you bypass all the digestive bits and it targets your uterine lining directly, and therefore is used up much more efficiently. This way is said to be "non-systemic" (i.e. doesn't enter your system) and so less side effects are caused. I think this is why you would have noticed the big differences in your bleeds (and how you felt) from oral to vaginal delivery methods. Trishy, I'm the one who has chosen this particular HRT protocol for myself and there is no ONE tried and true method anymore. The Kliogest you have been prescribed, a continuous estradiol/progestin protocol, is just another different type and is said to work really well also. I can't comment much on it though as it's not one I have used, but that doesn't make it not suitable! No one way is really better than another... it just depends on the wants and needs of the individual. Many women are happy not to have to worry about bleeds at all, and this type of HRT does just that. If your RE has recommended this for you, I'd suggest you give it a try and reevaluate how it works for you after about 6 months. As I've mentioned before, you don't have to be tied to this from here on in! As your needs change in the future (if IVF cycles, etc are on the cards) then your HRT needs and delivery methods would change to suit anyway. Don't stress too much about it all right now and think the worst of your doc! I'm sure she has your best interests at heart - even though it may not seem so from the outset! Take care gals!
  10. Progesterone every 3 months

    Hi Prudence! My tri-monthly progestin protocol is something I talked, years ago, to my RE about, as I didn't want to have to go through a monthly exposure to progestins any more. Brief (lol!) history of moi - when first placed on progestins (decades ago - in my 20s!), I was only taking them for 5 days a month (but at a higher dose!). I didn't have too many PMSy side effects as the cycle was over and done with so quickly. Studies came out suggesting that a lower dose over a longer period was perhaps a better delivery option, so I then started with 10 days a month - but didn't like the extended exposure to progestins which made me quite moody. Off my own back, I decided to use them only every two months instead. I still got a bleed (if slightly heavier) and was happy to have a longer "normal" interim. At around this time I tried to have a child through DE-IVF and was using natural progesterone (instead of the synthetic progestins in my HRT) to build up my lining. I decided that the "natural" progesterone was worth continuing with afterwards, so I replaced my oral progestins with vaginal micronised progesterone (to minimise PMSy symtoms) and used that every couple of months. The first few cycles were fine, but I then noted that the withdrawal bleeds started becoming lighter until they were virtually non-existant for me on some cycles. As someone whose body reacted like clockwork to progestins, this concerned me as I didn't want to have to possibly deal with endometrial hyperplasia (excessive lining build up, which could lead to uterine cancer!) in the long term. MY RE said that while micronised progesterone certainly was bio-identical to the body and worked well for most, that it didn't have as good a 'bleeding profile' as synthetic progestins did, and so it was suggested I go back onto a progestin again. (Blah! This time it was a different type though!) With the WHI Study out at around this time, and with extended exposure to progestins possibly being the culprit for health concerns in long-term HRT users, I asked if I could stretch out my cycles to three monthly. So that's where I'm still at today. All generally goes well, although I have had bouts of 'breakthrough bleeds' where I'll bleed for a few days occasionally (without progestins) and then it stops. I like this protocol also as I can generally juggle cycles around to avoid important occasions or holidays (vacations) and such. Some cycles might be 2 and a half months apart, while others can be almost 4 months, depending on what's happening in my life at the time! As you can see, it gives me a certain amount of flexibility as I don't take the progestins like "clockwork". My estradiol tablet is taken daily and continuously though. I have thought about trying a continuous cycle (taking a small amount of progestin daily along with my estrogen), but since I've been such a long, long time user of the stuff, I'm trying to keep my body's exposure to it to a minimum now. I know of others here who have been able to stretch their cycles out to every 6 months even, since they have such an adverse reaction to progestins! This is what I feel happy with now - and with HRT, it's certainly different horses for different courses! I know others here who love their continuous protocols and feel great on that. Prudence, if you have a problem with your continuous protocol, then certainly discuss the "stretched-cycle" protocol with your doc if you would prefer it. Hope this has helped! Cheers,
  11. Hi Trishy! Just reading through your thread here, I noticed you're an Aussie too!! (Hi from Adelaide!) It sounds like you are in VERY capable hands with your RE. The Kliogest she has prescribed contains both an estrogen and progestin component to it, taken daily, so this means you won't be getting any bleeds at all. If you wish to try and fall pregnant in the near future, perhaps discuss using a HRT that gives you a cyclic bleed instead with your RE. Cheers,
  12. Side Effects from HRT?

    Hey Trishy, How HRT use affects us is quite an individual thing, and one person's panacea can unfortunately be someone else's poison! For me, HRT has allowed me to lead a "normal" (well, as normal as an infertile-myrtle from downunder can be .. lol!) - healthy life. Apart from getting "the crazies" when I use my progestin (I can get quite emotional and PMTy on this stuff, in the lead up to a bleed) I haven't been affected (to date) in any other way by long term HRT use. Since turning 40, breast scans and bone density scans were added to my checkup list, and all is ok there too. My doc said to me years ago that if I was going to have problems with HRT, it would have shown up many years ago - so again I've been fortunate with this. Also, being such a long-term user, there was no scare-mongering back in the 'dark-ages' about long term HRT use either, so I just generally took what I was told to. My first HRT was basically BCPs (or the Pill) which I stopped in my 20s as the synthetic hormones didn't agree with me and were gradually driving up my blood pressure. Switching over to bioidentical estrogen made a HUGE difference for me, and that's what I still take today. Trishy, If you have a uterus then your HRT will need a progestin/progesterone component to it as well, so that the lining of your uterus doesn't overgrow due to stimulation from the estrogen you may be taking daily. Your HRT could mimic your normal ovarian function on a monthly basis, starting off with estrogen only, then adding progestins to your estrogen, then stopping the progestins (which causes your uterine lining to shed i.e. have a withdrawal bleed or "period") then starting the cycle all over again. I can't be blowed having a bleed every month, so I chose to cycle tri-monthly instead. Others here take a small daily dose of a progestin along with their estrogen and this generally keeps the uterine lining in a state of balance so that it shouldn't build up, and therefore shouldn't bleed at all either. Sometimes doses and delivery methods need tweaking to help you feel your best, and give relief from any POF symptoms. As far as taking advice from your naturopath is concerned, just follow your instincts. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been shown to help some women in POF - but I think the statistics roughly fall in line with the 5% or so, who naturally have a reversal of POF anyway!) Even if nothing comes of it, sometimes trying these alternative method helps one in coming-to-terms with the situation as you can tell yourself you certainly tried all that was available at the time! Best wishes again hon!
  13. Side Effects from HRT?

    Hi Trishy! Yep, this IS all scary and confusing for you, right at the outset. Just know that decisions can be changed, reversed or adjusted after they're made so don't feel you are locked into one path or the other straight away. If you feel the need to try the natural therapies approach, why not give it a try - as you really don't have much to lose! (I know if I was in your shoes and newly diagnosed, I think I would certainly try!) That said, since I was diagnosed in my teens with no hope of a 'reversal of fortune', I was happy to be placed on hormone replacement which I have taken now for over 30 years! I've had no long term ill-effects and can truly state that my health and physical condition is better because of it. (It's when I stopped my HRT for a few years in my 20s that I noticed downward changes!) So Trishy, I'm just waving a flag to you from 'the other end of the line' to say that it doesn't have to be a scary, dangerous ride on HRT! I'm 51 now and still plan to be on my 2mg daily estrogen dose until my mid 50s. (I also take a progestin every 3 months for a withdrawal bleed.) Good luck with whatever decision you make! Just know it will be the right one for you at the time! Best wishes!
  14. Looking For Advice

    Hi Laura, and a BIG welcome to this site! I'm so sorry to read about all the difficulties you are facing with your cycle and general well-being right now! Although I'm alot older than you now, I was 16 when first diagnosed with my 'menopause-like' condition, and I still remember well the fear and confusion surrounding that time. I was glad my mother was there to help support me with my many various doctor's visits (and surgery) until a diagnosis for my unusual condition was found. I second Jenny's suggestion that you should talk about this with your mother, and then for reassurance, make an appointment to see your doctor to get the ball rolling to understand what is happening to you. I am no doctor, but just wanted to add that some of the things you mention could be caused by other conditions other than "early menopause". You talk about having had a cyst removed from one of your tubes, problems with weight gain (gastric band surgery?) and an increase in fine facial hair, which makes me wonder if the most common cause of infertility in women, PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome), mightn't be part of your problem? Here's a link to give you a bit more info on the subject. http://www.soulcysters.net/making-pcos-les...nfusing-224142/ I therefore urge you to see a women's hormone specialist, prefereably an endocrinologist, R.E. (reproductive endocrinologist) or gynaecologist, who will hopefully be able to determine what your hormone levels are up to, and help you accordingly. You sound like you've been through quite alot already for your tender years, Laura, so here's to continued strength as you work your way through this! The devil you know is nowhere near as frightening as the one you don't, and knowledge is more power to you in these circumstances. Good luck, and please let us know what you end up doing and finding out! Best wishes.... and (((hugs)))
  15. Virus Alert

    Thanks Cindy! I'm again puzzling over this as yesterday I was still encountering the myriad of "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!.. warnings!" here (lol... I'm really showing my age now, eh?... as I'm 'Lost In Space <wink!>) and today... nadda, nothing! Ok, yesterday was also the Winter Solstice here Down Under (shortest day/longest night!) while you guys up over were celebrating your longest day! So maybe there was some cosmic shift in time and space that despatched those pesky, virulent Trojans overnight, back to where they belong, and allowed calm and order to once again be restored in the land of EM.com... at least from my end! Lol!! That's a long way of saying that all looks ok now! Phew! Mchelle, how's it with you? ..... and, did anyone frolic naked under the midday sun for the longest day of the year? Lol! (Sorry, I think sunlight depletion here is affecting my brain! )