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Hormone Tests

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Hey there damalulu:

I looked at your test results and was wondering when you tested (was it day 3 of your cycle)? Are you still getting a withdrawal bleed? Are you having symptoms of POF?

As for the test results, the FSH doesn't seem high enough to be in the postmenopausal range. The LH also looks OK. The estradiol level does seem low but not ridiculously low (sort of cutoff point). Did you take these tests while on HRT or not? What type of symptoms are you having? What did the doctor say?

I would say that it's possible you are going through perimenopause right now but without knowing more of your history and symptoms it would be hard to say exactly. I hope this information helps some. If you want to read up more on the hormone tests, click here: Hormone Tests.

Please feel free to ask any other questions. Hopefully we can be of some help in finding some answers for you!

Take care,


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