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officially on the list!

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#1 vickila


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Posted 08 June 2008 - 05:44 PM

We got the long-awaited letter this weekend, and so now we are officially on the waiting list.  Even though we can expect a couple of years before we get our child, it still feels like a big step forward.  

DX EM/POF Jan 2005 at age 34, after years of irregular and missing periods.  On BC to give me a cycle between FETs.
together with DH 13 years, married 6.
pursuing DE to complete our family - first transfer 3/24/06 BFN
FET May 30 BFN
FET July 6 BFN
FET Sept 19 - positive, then a week later negative
FET Jan 16 2007 BFN
ready to go for the last pair of frosties, BUT lining isn't being cooperative - maybe in 2008
starting the adoption process too, if our dreams come true we'll have two babies in two different ways!

#2 Mchelle


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    Mom to 2 beautiful twin girls born via DE IVF in December 2010.

Posted 08 June 2008 - 06:10 PM

Oh good!  That is good news Vicki.  I hope the process and wait goes quickly and smoothly :)
*  age: 33 and married:  Oct 2007...he's great
* diagnosed with POF/POI: Nov 2007
* mom to twin girls born via DE IVF in December 2010;  expecting a single in October 2014 from FET #2 with donor egg.
* hypothyroid due to Graves (hyperthyroid) treated in 2005 with RAI
* went to NIH study (no longer active study) in July 08--no known cause

#3 scout


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Posted 10 June 2008 - 02:26 PM

That's super news, Vicki.  It is a small thing to be on the waiting list, but it is a big step forward in your effort to build your family.

I'm sorry the wait is so long.

Symptoms @ age 34 when I went off BCPs.
Married Jan 2007.  Dx EM/POF in April 2007 while TTC.
DE/IVF July 1/08 - now Mom to 2 yr old.

#4 ronnie32


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Posted 10 June 2008 - 05:35 PM


Did you pop open the champagne to mark this milestone?  I hope you indulged - whether it be champagne, a nice dinner, a night out or whatever you might fancy!

I'm really pleased for you - it's a great step and takes a lot of effort to get there.

Ronnie x
Diagnosed with POF just before turning 32.  Have used acupuncture and TCM.  I am taking various supplements including multi vitamin, calcium, zinc, flaxseed oil etc.  Following osteopenia diagnosis, started HRT on 10 March 05 - reluctantly.  I have a fab g/f & we have a lovely dog (lurcher) & a mischievous cat (tabby).  We have one son who keeps us on our toes.

#5 katepolly1


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Posted 07 July 2008 - 08:35 AM

That is great news!!! A step in the right direction. Well done!

Best wishes,

K xx

#6 laurainvt


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Posted 10 July 2008 - 05:21 PM

I'm glad things are moving in the right direction! Thinking of you.
Vivelle dot .1 + femring .05
Prometrium  200 4x year
POF diagnosed at 23 but symptoms since my teens, now 30

#7 vegasgrl13



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Posted 18 July 2008 - 06:22 PM

Whoo Hooo good for you... question for anyone... I live in the US.  My husband and I want to get a house before we adopt.  We are looking to buy a house next year.  So I was thinking of doing the house thing then focusing on the adoption thing.  But if it takes that long should I start now?
Thanks for any advice and I am very happy for you and wish you the best of luck!