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New and confused

Please help me understand

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 02:53 AM

Please bare with my story for a moment.
I had normal periods from the time I was 10.  I never once skipped a period.  Five years ago the very first time my husband and I decided to "try" I was pregnant.  I had no complications and two years ago gave birth after trying only one month.  I breast fed him for six months and then got on the Mirena (IUD).  After a few months, I took it out because I gained an average 6 pounds a month.  About six months later, I stopped having my period and started having hot flashes.  I went to the Gynecologist/Fertility specialist and was told that I had premature menopause( 34 yrs)  when my LH was 38.6 and my FSH was 94.1.  I didn't believe the diagnosis because it was not congruent to my history so I had a internal ultrasound which found nothing.  I then went to a specialist in fertility and genetic disorders.  They found nothing wrong with me.  I went to another endocrinologist who reran my test and found normal LH and FSH but borderline thyroid issue.  He gave me thyroid meds that immediatley started my period.  They did the trick for about 8 months and my cycle has stopped again.  I just got my tests today and was LH 125.8 and FSH 58.1!  It seems everything I have read for the past year is about infertility.  Obviously, that is a devastating piece of this that I was spared and I truly am grateful.  However, I want to know if there is anything else that this could be related to.  What else is linked with POF?   Could this be related to something more serious like a tumor in my pituitary gland, ovarian cancer or one of the many other crazy ideas that fill my head every sleepless night?  Did anyone else have this come on suddenly after no past reproductive issues?
Last Question-Is there anything that helps with the moodiness.  I no longer suffer from the more physical symptoms of hot flashes, vaginal dryness etc.  But the irritability....good God!  I am always on the edge.  Is there anything that helps with that...other than yoga?

I truly appreciate you reading this and do hope that someone can help.