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When your Hot, your Hot

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#1 Victoria352


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Posted 03 December 2005 - 01:26 AM

I'm confused again!

Why is it that little girls do not get hot flashes if they are due to a lack of hormones?  :D  

Are hot flashes a mystery? :wacko:

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Mother of a most wonderful teenage POFer X 2 years

#2 Ritalein


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Posted 04 December 2005 - 02:43 AM

Hi Victoria!

Yes, the mystery of the suddenly arriving hot flash!! Although hot flashes are triggered by the hypothalamus in the brain (which controls body temperature amongst other things), there does seem to be a link with a downward change or imbalance of reproductive hormones as well. Looks like Tanya's sudden stop has triggered this. Whilst I take my estrogen dose daily, I don't have any hot flashes. Every three months now I add a progestin to my cycle for 14 days as well, and although my estrogen dose is still the same, for some reason I start 'flashing' when on the combo. I figure the equilibrium has again been altered and my body is letting me know! Weird!

I guess those in pre-puberty and then the other end of the spectrum, well post-menopausal, would be relieved from this as reproductive hormones are no longer called into play in the body....and just a low, baseline level exists. (That's how I think it works!)

Poor Tanya! At least it's winter where you are now. Wish her the best for me with her appointment with Dr Heard! Good luck to you both.  :wacko:

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Posted 05 December 2005 - 04:34 PM

Rita's right on!

And I thought I would add that some women are simply not blessed with hot flashes during meno.  Strange, eh?  I know hot flashes were the least of my problems, but instead I had massive irritability, anxiety, sleeplesness, etc.  

And, just a guess, but with if Tanya's ovaries never really produced much estrogen, then there was no hormone crash.  The only hormone crash she'll have is if she's coming off a form of HRT (like what she's doing now).  

Poor darlin... If they're really bothering her, the best thing to do is make sure she stays cool.  Even the slightest rise in body temperature can initiate those flashes... That's the hypothalmus overreacting to temperature shifts.  So, stay cool, and that hypothalmus should stay in check.  Lots of water may help too.

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