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Sarah Weller, BSc

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Sarah serves as the manager and editor of the Early Menopause website. She attended UCL — a constituent of the University of London and a global hub for medical research. Writing and education are her joint passions and she campaigns to raise awareness of early menopause / premature ovarian failure (POF) in the wider community.
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Starting a Family: It’s Still a Possibility (Part 2)

In part one of this helpsheet we looked closely at the facts regarding premature menopause and the chances of pregnancy after your diagnosis. After studying these statistics we went on to look at donor eggs (oocyte donation), the advantages of this method, and how it works.
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Starting a Family: It’s Still a Possibility (Part 1)

Most women who learn they're prematurely menopausal, whether naturally or through surgery, find the loss of fertility one of the toughest things to handle about their condition. Even those women who already have children find this very difficult to deal with.
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Coming To Terms With Premature Menopause

In this follow-up piece we will identify ways of finding personal acceptance and seeking effective support mechanisms that work for you. This article will also touch on strategies that may help you regain control of your life after the shock of premature menopause.
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Coping With Emotional and Mental Symptoms

The emotional symptoms of premature menopause aren’t as clear-cut as the physical ones. If you don’t know that you’re going through menopause prematurely, you may start wondering just what is going on.
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Dealing With Irregular Periods

Often, since you’re not expecting menopause at such an early age, you won’t notice that your periods are getting irregular. Sure, you’re a few days late, or your flow is lighter or heavier, but since you’re not thinking menopause, you can easily overlook these signals.
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Hot Flashes: The Coping Guide

Most people have heard of hot flashes and know them as the trademark symptom of menopause. About 75 to 85 percent of American women are estimated to get hot flashes when they’re in menopause. And where premature menopause is concerned, hot flashes tend to be even more prevalent.
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Surgical Menopause: A Detailed Look

A major cause of early menopause, surgical menopause is believed to affect approximately 2 million women annually. Commonly it results from a what's known as a bilateral oophorectomy (the removal of both ovaries), a surgical procedure that may be performed for many reasons...
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Adoption: A Guide to the Process

For some women who’ve gone through early menopause or premature ovarian failure, adoption is a great way to…