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These articles address the various health risks faced by women going through early menopause, and what can be done to tackle them.

Distressed woman with period pain

Dealing With Irregular Periods

Often, since you’re not expecting menopause at such an early age, you won’t notice that your periods are getting irregular. Sure, you’re a few days late, or your flow is lighter or heavier, but since you’re not thinking menopause, you can easily overlook these signals.
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Hot Flashes: The Coping Guide

Most people have heard of hot flashes and know them as the trademark symptom of menopause. About 75 to 85 percent of American women are estimated to get hot flashes when they’re in menopause. And where premature menopause is concerned, hot flashes tend to be even more prevalent.

Symptoms of Early Menopause

In this helpsheet you will find more information on the most common physical symptoms, why you get them…
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Weight Gain And Early Menopause

It’s summer — and you’re going to the beach in your bathing suit… or wearing shorts and tank…
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Relationships, Sex and Libido

First, the good news: No matter how you feel right now, there is sex after early menopause. Good…
Woman undergoes a medical bone densitometer scan

Fighting Osteoporosis

Women who’ve gone through an early menopause have an elevated risk of developing osteoporosis. This helpsheet describes some…