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EarlyMenopause.com does not provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice

The information contained on Early Menopause.com is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the care prescribed by your physician. Always verify any information found here with an appropriate physician or health care provider. In addition, always consult your physician before beginning a new health regimen or altering any course of treatment set up by your doctor.

In light of ongoing research and constant updates of medical literature, it is possible that new scientific findings may invalidate some of the information presented on this website. Again, you should always check with your doctor or health care provider regarding any information appearing on this website. Technical inaccuracies and typographical errors can occur and may be present on this website. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or applicability of any information on this website.

Information presented on EarlyMenopause.com has been written and compiled from the research and interviews conducted by our respective authors. EarlyMenopause.com writers are not medical doctors, nor do they provide medical advice under any circumstances.

Information contained within the EarlyMenopause.com “forum” is for peer support purposes only. Material here should never replace necessary medical consultations. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional to meet your individual health or medical needs (particularly before embarking on or altering your lifestyle or medical regimen).

This applies to those seeking information on behalf of family, friends and acquaintances too. The information supplied by EarlyMenopause.com is offered on the basis that EarlyMenopause.com does not under any circumstances render professional medical services or advice.

Most educational material on this website has been excerpted or adapted from ‘The Premature Menopause Book’ by writer and women’s health advocate Kathryn Petras, or has been written specifically for Early Menopause.com by our writing staff. Ms. Petras is no longer involved with EarlyMenopause.com in an editorial capacity and opinions expressed by staff and forum members are solely those of their respective writers.

Use of Multimedia

Photographic content on EarlyMenopause.com is used for illustrative and design purposes only. The models depicted do not necessarily have direct or indirect personal experience of menopause or any related health or medical complaint discussed on this website. Any such experience of those models with a condition or disease mentioned is coincidental.

Liability of EarlyMenopause.com and its Authors

EarlyMenopause.com and its authors are not responsible or liable for any loss, claim or damage brought about by your use (or misuse) of any information contained in or implied on this web site, including but not limited to our resources, reviews, blogs and message board posts.

EarlyMenopause.com, or its authors, shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other damages arising from any use of this material.

Republishing our Content

You are welcome to share links to pages on this website online and in print publications. This includes forums, magazines, newspapers, social media platforms and blogs.

You are permitted to reprint or republish material from EarlyMenopause.com, but if you do so then you must leave a link to the original article on our website.

It can be dangerous to make decisions about your health and welfare based solely on information accessed online.

EarlyMenopause.com frequently publishes material containing links to third-party websites (“external” links). EarlyMenopause.com does not endorse the content on any third-party website, and is not responsible for the content on any linked third-party websites.

EarlyMenopause.com does not accept responsibility for any loss, claim or damage resulting from the use of content on any third-party website, or from products available or services rendered by third-party websites.

Community / Boards / Forums

The EarlyMenopause.com community (elsewhere referred to as “board(s)” or “forum(s)” or “discussion forum(s)” or “message board(s)”) is a service provided to facilitate positive discussion and support between members. EarlyMenopause.com does not endorse any ideas, views, comments and suggestions posted on the boards and recommends that readers seek professional medical advice before starting or altering their health regimen and/or lifestyle. Discussion forum comments are those of the individual member and therefore EarlyMenopause.com accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use of such material.

You should assume that posts on the EarlyMenopause.com community are made by unqualified laypersons unaffiliated with the owners and/or staff of EarlyMenopause.com. The forum has certain ground rules intended to promote a transparent, respectful and peaceful environment conducive to friendship, support and the sharing of experiences. Debate is fine but personal attacks, vulgar language and inflammatory behavior is not tolerated. The boards are provided for members to engage in non-commercial usage only. Advertisements by members are strictly prohibited. EarlyMenopause.com reserves the right to ban and/or suspend users at its sole discretion and may do so without warning or explanation.

By their very nature, forums offer a platform for near real-time and unimpeded discussion between members. It is not feasible or possible for EarlyMenopause.com and its staff to moderate and vet all of this content. Administrators or moderators may be appointed from within the community to attain special privileges in vetting or removing content, but they do so at their own discretion with no involvement from EarlyMenopause.com. Community administrators or moderators are unaffiliated with EarlyMenopause.com and in granting them added community privileges we in no way endorse their posts and/or decisions.

Forum Rules:

   No personal attacks, provocative behavior or off-topic argument.

   “NSFW” (not safe for work) content is banned, including nudity, profanities and hate speech.

   Do not represent yourself as a doctor or health professional (e.g. using an acronym like ‘MD’ in your username) unless factually accurate.

   No advertising or soliciting of services from others.

   Don’t spam or troll. In more general terms, don’t post low quality content that has either a) little value to others or b) the potential to alarm, irritate or distress the likely readers/members.

   External links. Don’t post links to external websites except where strictly relevant to the discussion at hand.

These rules serve as a guideline only. EarlyMenopause.com reserves the right to apply these rules purely at its own discretion. We may ban any member for any reason we see fit, including for reasons not listed above. We may do so without providing an explanation. There is no formal appeals process and any banned member should assume the ban has been applied in perpetuity unless informed to the contrary.

EarlyMenopause.com reserves the right to moderate, remove, modify or otherwise edit any Forum post submitted to this website by any user. By participating on our website you authorize us to republish, reprint or reuse your contributions in any capacity, without credit or remuneration, as we see fit.

Funding and Advertising Policy

EarlyMenopause.com is privately funded. Pages on this website may contain affiliate links (see: disclaimer) and advertisements. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party website linked from any such advertisements.

The owner, management and staff of EarlyMenopause.com are not tied commercially to any drug mentioned on EarlyMenopause.com. ‘The Premature Menopause Book’ written by Kathryn Petras contains additional material to the EarlyMenopause.com website and is retailed through Amazon.

EarlyMenopause.com does NOT endorse any one form of treatment mentioned on our website, either in editorial content or in advertisements. We’re all different, and what works for one of us might not work for another. No brand names are recommended and no claims are made by EarlyMenopause.com as to the efficacy or applicability of any form of treatment. Always consult your doctor!

Reviews Policy

Content filed under the Reviews section of this website is purely the opinion of its respective author. Ratings and comments, whether positive or negative, do NOT constitute either an endorsement or a recommendation to use or not to use the applicable product or service.

“Community” or “User” reviews are submitted by visitors to this website. These opinions or ratings reflect only the views of the individual in question. We are NOT responsible for content written by website visitors, either in reviews or in our forum, and we do not endorse or support any views expressed by any particular individual.

EarlyMenopause.com reserves the right to moderate, remove, modify or otherwise edit any Review submitted to this website by any user. By leaving a review you authorize us to republish, reprint or reuse it in any capacity, without credit or remuneration, as we see fit.


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